Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Mystery Keeper: High School

This is the high school chapter of my life.
I was less nervous about ninth grade than sixth grade.  I had 80 minute classes in high school and each class was every other day. Music one day, English at that time the next day, repeat cycle, for example.  They weren't sure if I'd need a break in the classes or not. I never did unless I got upset. Then, I'd take a walk in the hall with my aide.  I made the high honor roll this year every marking period.  Until this year, I used a computer only at school or the public library, but I had so much typing of papers to do we needed our own computer. I had first used a computer in first grade at school, so I grew up with technology, basically.  Some classrooms, the music classroom, a social studies and resource rooms specifically at my high school have computers. There's also two computer labs there, if things are still how they were when I was there. We camped at nearby park with some friends Memorial Day weekend. I went on the girl's club camping trip again.  In New York, the state I live in, we have Regents exams at the end of the year in high school. I had a science one this year and my teacher called me up to tell me I got a 90 on it.  I went to summer camp at a different camp closer to home. A teacher from my school had a job there and I saw him at the last camp meal.  He'd been on vacation that week, but came back at the end.  I'd taken a music class from him and we knew his family from the church we went to when I was little.  I had memorized a lot of Bible verses between that church and the other church's girl's club.  I'd also read the Bible with that girl's club. We camped out in my dad's parents backyard but earlier in the summer, we spent a weekend with some friends other than the Memorial Day camping friends at a beach nearby. I live near a lake which is where this beach I speak of is. I still had swimming this year and also horseback riding.

In tenth grade, I had one less class with my aide.  Before, I'd only been on my own in Spanish and resource classes, which was a study hall for me as it had been every year other than seventh grade. I'd eaten lunch without the aide since middle school, though, I think. Now, I was on my own in social studies which took some adjustment. The school may have wanted to see how I'd do on my own as I'd grown up more now.  I wasn't a little girl anymore and perhaps more able to function independently.  It could've been another reason, since no one said why, at least not to me.  We camped with friends Labor Day weekend. I took an animal science class, which was an elective for me. Some use it to replace chemistry in their junior year. With biology, animal science meant two science classes. I was good at social studies and science, as well as reading and other academic stuff as a kid.  Math and writing were weaker, but still not bad, just not quite as good as the others. We camped Memorial Day weekend with our friends again.  I went on the girl's club camping trip again this year as well as that camp where my one-time teacher worked.  I graduated from Bible School, which I'd attended since I was preschool age.  I had some Regents exams this year, more than before but not for every class, just math in January, social studies, biology and Spanish.  The required high school math classes were 1 1/2 each. We camped with the friends we'd visited for a weekend at the beach last year at the same place we'd been then.  Once more, I had swimming and horseback riding.

In eleventh grade, I was a bit unsure how I'd do in some of my classes. These were math and English. My dad was more concerned about chemistry than English. but we agreed on math. I took SAT verbal prep for my PSAT the first half and health the other half.  Health was required but the other was an elective. It can be taken stand alone, which I did or with public speaking.My English teacher this year also taught SAT verbal prep.  I got a permit in February of this year and took driver ed. in the summer. Juniors get priority for that.  I skipped the girl's club camping trip since I had math, social studies, chemistry and English Regents this year. I think my English Regents made me nervous about English since it meant I'd write a lot in the class.  We had Regents practice packets, one of which had a NASCAR article in it.  I think she could be a race fan, which didn't occur to me, except perhaps vaguely back then since I had no opportunity to watch races at that time.  I had to write an apology letter to a teacher this year. Resource was mostly a study hall but part of the time was used to teach us things, like once it was apology letters. I had to write one to a classmate because of what I said when she wrecked her car, which was a kind of car I don't like. This was my last year of Spanish even though there was another class yet. That Spanish became a college class right before I was eligible for it, so the students that had it before my classmates had a different experience based on what the teacher said. I was inducted into the National Honor Society this year.  I'm unsure if we camped Memorial Day or not, but  we could have or at least visited our friends. We camped at a beach near the town this bike camp was held. I'd been unable to learn to ride with being held up as little girl and was too big for my mom to hold up after a while. My dad worked nights after I was in first grade, so he wasn't always available, so after I outgrew both of my little bikes, I just had a scooter to ride. I also had roller blades and then roller sneakers. I was slow when I drove my mom's car but fast on foot powered vehicles other than skates. Like at the bike camp, I made my spotters run. At first I rode my mom's bike sometimes when she wasn't biking, but then got a seven speed one my own at Wal-Mart.  I still have it and it's violet.   When we bike hiked with our original Memorial Day camping friends (our other friends got in on this), I could keep up with their two weeks younger than me daughter on my bike. I had originally planned to take some college classes as a senior, Pre-calc and the Spanish, but they didn't think I had good enough time management. I no longer had the math tutoring this year, which was a first since it started, I think but I had no hard math-math* after this, but I did take physics in  my senior year. This summer I took driver ed and had swimming but no horseback riding.

In my senior year, I no longer had as many required classes. Required was English, social studies and PE. The English was a split class, half a year with each teacher, unlike other grades which had two English teachers and it was one or the other all year. Social studies was a government class half the year and economics the other.  The halves could be in either order.  I took a business math type class because my dad wanted me to and my mom saw where he was coming from after she saw a description of it. Before she'd been disgusted because a neighbor lady who's no longer living now due to a stroke had said how she took a class like that and found it too easy.  Maybe it was different in my neighbor's day. I wasn't too keen on it since I wasn't interested in working at a bank or in a money thing, like accounting, economics or the business world.  I was more interested in a sciency type career.  My math and science were my non-required but good classes for me, the science because I was a college bound girl and the other just was by virtue of what it was. I liked science but not physics. It was frustrating to many students, me included.    My girl's club friend, who was homeschooled, had to go to homeschooling graduation camping weekend, so I didn't go on the girl's club camping trip since it wouldn't have meant as much without her.  My class went to a nearby water park one day, though. It was an enhanced Senior Fun Day since not enough of my classmates signed up for our senior trip to have that. The class two years before us had an enhanced Senior Fun Day, only they voted to have it at the Senior Fun Day site beach. The beach is one I went to with kindergarten summer school and the one our beach friends like. I voted for the beach, but was outvoted. I was too amped in a bad way (nervous) about my physics Regents to want to go to the park with my class, but I was told to go and take my review book along to do on the bus, which I did.  I didn't go to the scholarship dinner this year, since I missed the high honor roll once and just made the honor roll but was able to win some scholarships and awards.  I had five of one and four of the other.

Next week I just might finish this story when I tell about my life after high school. It depends on how much material I include from my college years. This summer, as a seventeen year old I learned the butterfly and also had horseback riding.  Since I hadn't been able to much in the driver ed. car the year before, I went to driving school. My mom had no vacation time built up from her new job but we went to the beach to see some friends, the same beach friends previously mentioned, one day, the Fourth of July, I think. My paternal grampa died in that July
*refers to how physics has a math element but falls under the science category

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Mystery Keeper Middle School.

This is about my life in my middle school years.

I was nervous about sixth grade but it wasn't that bad in the end.  I made the honor or high honor roll all four marking periods.  I was a tiger for Halloween, I think since I remember I had cat ears.  I got over my sporty phase at this time. In my late elementary years, I liked sports books. I also got a basketball hoop and watched sports TV with my dad.  My dad had the same surgery this my mom had when I was four. I was a NASCAR viewer by third grade, but no later than November of sixth grade, I had no more opportunity to watch races as a kid.  They petered out on our channels more, as we didn't have Fox then like we do now.  I had no clue I'd return to NASCAR viewership ten years after I heard my dad say "Dale Earnhardt died" February '01, though.  A few days before this, I brought my science experiment hamsters to the school science fair and they were a hit.  I used mice at first but the mice we bought were feeder mice and one died as did its replacement. The other one went to the other sixth grade science teacher and died a few weeks later. When he was alive yet, my class watched a video with the other class and my classmates talked about how cute he was.  He was a little white mouse. We kept the hamsters after the experiment.  The nursing home my dad works at raffled off a cat, Spitfire that spring and my dad put his name in seven times.  We had two cats Fluffy and Snuggles, but they were old and Fluffy was sick and dying. She still crawled on our laps, though.  Spitfire didn't like our other cats but she liked us.  She slept on my bed before I went to camp, then slept with my parents after that. I went on the girl's club camping trip again and the special needs camp later on that summer. I had aged out of one of the library programs but had the other activities still. In August, my family made a Canadian trip like when I was seven and eight.  We also made the girl's club church our church after I finished the sixth grade Sunday School at the first church after going to their evening services a while. The first church had no regular evening service, just plays or movies, special things like that.  My dad's work schedule means he can't always go to morning church, so this mattered to him.

Seventh grade was no problem schoolwise but the world wasn't so good. Just after I started the year, 9/11 happened.  I was almost 12, so still a young girl in so many ways and it scared me. I just missed the honor roll once, but was on it the rest of the year.  I started Spanish class this year. I had technology half the year and health the other half Nothing else too big in my world, schoolwise, but I no longer had OT, which was new.  I moved to the next level in my church's girl's club this year.  Since we made the church our church, we joined it  a few months after I turned twelve.  I also got baptized.  Since we hadn't bought a new car since I was three and that model was on its last year, my family got a new car this year. It was a second car so we didn't drive it a whole lot but we used it on fun trips. My gramma had heart surgery shortly after the girl's club camping trip, which happened after our dog was put to sleep. Sandy, the dog was old and sick.  We still had our dove as well Snuggles and Spitfire, the cats. They and my hamsters were enough for us I guess, as we never got another dog to date. I had a bad time in adaptive PE as the other girl was aggressive to me, pulled my hair so hard it pulled me down and said things like "Bee girl" when bees flew around my head and "loser" for whatever reason. The hair thing was harassment, we were told but she was autistic, so the cops couldn't do much about it.  I went on the girl's club camping trip and to the special needs camp again. We also camped at a town park near where I live.  

Eighth grade was a good year for me.  I was always on the honor roll somewhere and I got an academic distinction award then.  Our church had a 9/11 memorial service but we didn't go as my mom wasn't interested in it.  I had technology again, as well as home and careers, which were both half year classes.  I had state tests, like in fourth grade plus a science test as well. I also no longer had adaptive PE due to my experiences in it the previous year.   My PE teacher that year was the son-in-law of a woman from our church, who had surgery like my gramma had and my family visited her in the hospital.  I turned thirteen this year and about a week and a half later my mom's dad, my grampa died of heart trouble at 91.  I went on the girl's club camping trip as well as to the special needs camp. It seems Snuggles died while I was camping with the girl's club. My family camped at a camping park where my dad's family was having a reunion so it was blended with our vacation.  I knew about a local speedway this summer because our dentist advertised it on his bulletin board and the radio station that played in his office aired a commercial about it, but we didn't go. My mom's not a big sports fan, so maybe that explains it. I didn't care either way, though.  It had some minor league NASCAR races, which I learned after I could watch NASCAR on TV again.  I had now aged out of both library programs but still had my other activities in summer. 

Next week, I'll tell of my high school years.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Mystery Keeper Fourth and Fifth Grade+NASCAR Charlotte test

I'll focus mostly on my fourth and fifth grade years with the other a bit at the end.

In fourth grade, I had the teacher I had reading with the previous year. I'd never had a man teacher outside summer school and specials and he never had a kid with an aide before. We were nervous, but it turned out fine.  I was a little bit friends with a new girl named Ashley, which was all I had in the friend department that year. My old friends were in other classes.  This was my first year as Tinky Winky for Halloween, as I discovered him and the other Teletubbies through a kid magazine I read that summer.   I had to take a state English test in January and bit my fingernail bad the night before because I was nervous.  I also had a state math test in the spring. I started flute lessons this year and the day I got my flute I ran to the bus home with it.  It fell out of the case and was a bit dented. I had in school lessons as summer lessons. I was in swimming lessons, which I started at seven and summer library programs at two nearby libraries which I started the previous summer.  At some point before I started fifth grade, we found out my aunt was planning to marry a man she met after getting home from a family reunion at a near to me camp the previous summer.  Though she lives in Louisiana, we had to go as she expected us.  My parents were also asked to allow me to be studied at Yale by Dr. Fred Volkmar.

In fifth grade, I had a lot going on in my life. I had my first grade friend Rockie come back in my life as we were classmates again that year.  That October, we flew to Louisiana with American Airlines for my aunt's wedding. My aunt's quite a bit older than my dad, about twelve years.It felt like summer there and we swam in the outdoor pool at the new hotel we stayed at. I met her son, on the trip for the first time in my life.   My cousin I never knew fathered his first child as young man, probably just out of college age.  She was eight and her little sister was on the verge of three.  I was less than a month short of ten, so I could play with the older girl.   She showed me where they kept their balls and we played with at least one.  We went to an alligator farm, my family and hers. I had to hold my littler cousin when we got our picture taken with a taped mouthed baby gator.  She was probably scared of it.  One thing about Louisiana that's not so nice is fire ants.  I had to step over some once since I didn't see their hill until I was right up to it.   Another thing is my mom could understand the people sometimes, but some were too drawn out. My older little cousin was interested in my precomputer which I brought on the trip, as well as some books.  I noticed her Southern accent particularly when she said the letter "y", while spelling her name.  I wrote her name on my precomputer and she told me how to spell it.   She and her sister have Facebook now and I'm friends with her. Maybe her sister doesn't remember me, since she was so little when we met.  Not too long  after we got home, I was Tinky Winky again for Halloween.

In November, I turned ten and a few weeks later, we went to Yale. We stayed in a hotel in New Haven. I was tested and observed there. Before we went there, I was scared and said "Eeek!", which became a parental nickname for me. My mom still calls me that sometimes. I had to tell a story based on pictures in a book. I remember it had a frog that though a bee was a butterfly in it. One day, a man tested me and the next day it was a woman.  The day the man tested me I hid under a table when he left the room and then made cow horns with my fingers since I had a cow book.  They tried to call it devil horns, which was similar to another occurrence in my life my mom told me about. I said something about goose bumps and that was taken as a reference to Goosebumps books and I don't read scary stories. On the way home, we spent the night with my aunt in Connecticut. Shortly after we got home, I started in a girl's club at a local church after we got home since they said I needed to be in one. I went on a camping retreat with the club in June and my mom went since she started helping after the other helper moved away. I did the same activities as the previous summer plus a special needs camp week the church with girl's club paid and math lessons since my mom could no longer supplement my school math.  She could still do Hooked on Phonics (Power Builders was the part I was on at this time), but I was beyond Hooked on Math and her math skills. I'd done these since 4. We attended evening services at the church, plus my mom went there with me when she needed a Sunday off from Sunday school teaching at our main church at the time. Sometimes she took her Sunday off at the church I had religious ed at for continuity from there and the children's church. Our main church at the time had a nursery church for 9 months until the start of kindergarten, which my parents helped with. I was their little helper, since I passed out snack as well as get out and pick up the toys. I broke up a fight between two little girls fighting over a doll. I gave one another doll to play with.  In August, the club did an overnight tent camping experience, which was hard for me due to my inexperience at camping. I was nervous about middle school. I'll tell about middle school next week.  I think Shyloh died in this time span somewhere after someone hit her. She had little traffic savvy.

NASCAR did a test at Charlotte last week and had mock races .In addition, to the  five "races", they had single car runs and tested spoilers. Thirty drivers tested including Joey Logano, my second-favorite. Kevin Harvick and  Kyle Larson had the fastest laps.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Mystery Keeper First Second and Third Grade Years +NASCAR Champion's Week

I didn't want to interrupt my life story, so I won't go too deep into Champion's Week. My next chapter of my life story first, then a little bit of my thoughts on Champion's Week.

The school district transferred me to another closer to home elementary school within the district for 1st grade. There was 4 elementary schools when I started school but one I never went to closed when I was  finished with Kindergarten.  My second elementary school had added therapy when I was headed to first grade.  I had to take the shuttle bus in the afternoon since my bus home was at the still open elementary school I never attended as it had no therapy when I was an elementary kid.  I was in a special kindergarten and 1st grade class and did the 1st grade work.  I liked the other kids and books in the classroom, but I had a hard time in other ways.  I was still hyperactive, which made me a challenge in certain ways.  Sometimes, I got sick. One day, I started coughing at school and missed some days due to a bad cold.  I also had a rash, which was found to be a laundry detergent allergy. I would've been Barney again, probably if I hadn't had the rash as I had it on Halloween. I was never found to have other allergies but I had sinus infections as a kid. I was a cowgirl in our Western Christmas play, cowboy hat, boots and I even acted like cowgirl.  My class had a circus and I was a clown.  I was good with academic stuff like reading and math, but my behavior was my weak area.  There was a camping trip I could've gone on if my mom had been along as a second person to watch me (I had an aide), but she won a trip to that park instead.  I was one of those wandering Asperger (a form of autism) kids.  Kellie, my kindergarten friend spent half the day with a kindergarten class and the other half in the same class as me.  I made friends with a girl named Rockie, who had speech therapy with me sometimes.  I sometimes put together sentences that didn't make sense, though I no longer echoed like I did as a toddler.  I didn't have speech therapy after 1st grade. I also had occupational therapy. I don't know if I had physical therapy at that time or if that was after this time.   Though I had times of frustration and being troubled I was able to move to second grade.

I was at the same school as first grade for second grade.  My class that year was a special second and third grade class.  Hallie, Cindy and  Tiffany were friends that year.  Tiffany was a new girl and friends with Hallie.   Hallie was hyper and a year older than me. Cindy was a grade ahead of me, so she was older too. I was young for my grade yet. I was a princess for Halloween.  This was a hard year, because I knew the words of directions but couldn't process it. Think of a puzzle apart. I saw all the pieces but not the whole.   There was a point store in the classroom.  We could buy little things with points we earned for good behaviors.  I remember some stuff I bought, like a cat sticky that says "Hi there". I was a cat fan from that year on.  I had a reading class because I was ahead of what my class could give. There was an alphabet play one of my elementary years and I think it was this one.  The summer after  was the last time I had summer school, which was a social thing for me.  I got kicked out of summer school after I elbowed a boy who was behind me. I guess he startled or scared me. My parents no longer experimented with autistic supplements like algae and magnesium after this year. I just took vitamins like any kid and fluoride for my teeth as we have well water.  We went to Canada that summer.

I continued at the same school for third grade.  I was in a special ed 3rd and 4th grade class part of the day and regular ed 3rd grade the other part.  I still had my OT and PT. I also had adaptive PE along with regular PE class. I think it was every other PE day for each and we had PE twice a week. I went to a fourth grade class for reading then. I was a princess again for Halloween. They trained my aide to work with me, so things were better.  I think my second grade friends were my friends again in third grade. Hallie definitely was and when she stayed with her grandpa, she rode the shuttle bus with me. Once, we missed the bus and had to have my parents and her grandpa get us.  I started in a religious education thing because my school district offered it and still does.  It starts with third graders and is elementary only.  Once a month. most months Cindy and me, as well as some other kids would go to a church in the town for a chunk of the day. It was a bit like Bible school or kid Sunday School.  We'd sing some kiddie Christian songs and do these activities, crafts and such and there was some teaching.  We ate there, most likely lunch. We started out at school and were bussed over at start time and back to school in the afternoon.   There was an ice storm this winter and a stray dog showed up at our place afterwards. We named her Shyloh because she was shy. I had a book about a dog named Shiloh, which may have been a factor as well but we spelled our dog's named to look like shy as opposed to like the book dog's name. She had four puppies, which climbed on my mom's lap when we started socializing them. After a while, I could play with them. We named them Crystal, Brice, Cuddle and Kristy/Puddle. The two name one's names were mine and my mom's. Mine was from a book and my mom's came from puddles on the floor.  A boy took Brice the boy pup but the others found homes with children through our county's humane society.  The first two looked like our dog Sandy.   My mom's oldest brother died at the age of 55 this year and I missed school to go to the funeral.  We went on another Canada trip over the summer. We also tent camped at a local camp when my dad's family had a reunion there that summer.

NASCAR Champion's Week was last week. They honored the Chasers, champion, Rookie of the Year and gave out some awards, like Most Popular Driver. This was Dale Earnhardt, Jr.   There was more, which you can look up.  They had a banquet and the drivers gave speeches. I don't watch it but I saw stuff about it online.  Come back next week for the rest of my elementary years and probably my thoughts on the Charlotte test

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Mystery Keeper: Preschool and Kindergarten

This picks up where the last post left off.
I started preschool two months before my fourth birthday.  I barely remember since I was so little, but I liked it.  I liked the books there and I've been told they had big stuffed mice. I have a me book from then and there's this picture of a ride-in toy bus. I remember a trip to the quarry and the me book has a picture of us at the fire station. I'm demonstrating the stop drop and roll in it. 

Since I live in a rural area, we had a preschool teacher come to the house, but I visited the center once a month.  I was excited and danced around when the teacher came. I think I was all amped about her bag, but my mom thinks it was her, too.  My mom had surgery this year and my dad took care of me then.  I was diagnosed with Asperger's when I was four, but one of the preschool people didn't think I was due to my affectionate ways. I was a happy autistic kid, like some kids I've read about on other blogs. I could read some at 4, example being stop signs. I had no language delay but I had trouble with sentence structure. Sometimes I made nonsense sentences.  I went to a center to be diagnosed. It had toys and a gym, where I've been told I rode a tricycle. Mostly I had coordination problems. I played what they call parallel but at the end of the year, when I was about 4.5, I was starting to play with other kids outside.

Due to my age and hyperactivity, my mom wanted me in Begindergarden. I tested too good on my Kindergarten Screening due to my cognitive abilities.  I started in a special Kindergarten and first grade class at one of local elementary schools.  It was the one in the district with therapies for kids like me at the time. I made a little friend a few months older than me named Kellie.  I was big for my age and she was little, so she was thought to be the younger of us, though you know that wasn't the case.  She had to wear a helmet for seizures.  We rode the bus together.  We were the only ones on our bus.  As kindergarteners, we were half-day unless there was a party. I was Barney for Halloween.  I decided I didn't like chocolate milk one of those days we stayed all day.  They thought I might need to repeat kindergarten, but I tested too good academically, third grade reading level at 5.5, which was how old I was at the end of the year.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Mystery Keeper First Years

Now that NASCAR's over, I'll focus on my life for a few posts, tell my full story. I was born on November 2, 1989 at 9:53 pm. My mom had contractions starting that evening and then had to have a C-section that night because I had fetal distress, which means my heartbeat was dropping. The umbilical chord was all tangled because I'd somersaulted over the amniocentesis needle.  I guess I didn't like it. I was 5 pounds, 15 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long. I had trouble nursing and my weight went down to 5-4, maybe due to my near-term status, since I was born at 37 weeks. I was supposed to be a Thanksgiving baby, but came shortly before election day instead.  Many light skinned babies have blue eyes, but my mom says I always had brown eyes. I had dark brown baby hair and was dark looking, just olive.  I lightened up in a few weeks, though.  I also grew in this time, but I looked so little to my mom in my first six weeks of life. At that age (6 weeks), I was 10-8. I also got my first cold at that age. I learned to do things within normal age range as a baby, crawled at 6 months, sat at 7 months, talked at 10 months and walked at one year.

I was a hyperactive toddler, but my mom read to me, as that was a way to keep me still. I liked being read to and the rest of the time, I played and got into everything. I played with my toys, outside with my swing set and sandbox and went to playgrounds.  I had a lot of ear infections at 2. I also got banged up legs at times and bumped my head bad on my parents bedroom doorway when I ran into it. I burned my elbow once and my hand on the snow blower muffler at 3 as well I had cognitive abilities at this age. I could count to 10 at two and knew my colors, letters and shapes while still a toddler. I didn't know how to eat chips until I was 3, though, I think. I tried to eat them with a fork but my dad set me straight. I was potty trained at 3 years 5 months because I cried on the potty before that. That fall, at 3 almost 4 I started preschool and watching PBS. Next time, I'll tell of my time there and if I feel I need to for length, go into early elementary years.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Homestead weekend See you next year NASCAR

Hey everyone! The NASCAR season may be over but this blog will still go on. I have other facets to me and will use the next three months to show that. But for now, my take on the final race weekend's the thing.

Friday was the Truck race. Matt Crafton, by 40 points ahead of Ty Dillon clinched the Trucks championship, though he finished 21st. Kyle Busch was the winner with 62 laps led. Pole-sitter Ryan Blaney was second with 87 laps led, followed by Jeb Burton, Brendan Gaughn and Ron Hornady, Jr. Rounding out the top ten were John Wes Towley, German Qurioga, Ross Chastain with 2 laps led, Timothy Peters and Cale Gale.  The Rookie of the Year is Ryan Blaney. Ty Dillon is Most Popular Driver.

Saturday was the Nationwide race.  Brad Keselowski was the winner with 25 laps led.  Kyle Larson was second with 54 laps led. Kyle Busch was third with 29 laps led. Matt Kenseth was fourth with  nine laps led followed by Trevor Bayne. Rounding out the top ten were Joey Logano with 37 laps led, Parker Kligerman,  pole-sitter Sam Hornish, Jr. with 37 laps led, Cole Whitt and Nelson Piquet, Jr. The Rookie of the Year is Kyle Larson and Austin Dillon is champion. Regan Smith is Most Popular Driver.

Sunday was the Cup race.  Denny Hamlin was the winner with 72 laps led. Matt Kenseth, the pole-sitter was second with 144 laps led. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was third with  38 laps led, followed by Martin Truex, Jr. and Clint Bowyer. Rounding out the top-ten were Brad Keselowski with nine laps led, followed by Kyle Busch, Joey Logano, Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick, who led eight laps. The Rookie of the Year is Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. and Jimmie Johnson clinched his sixth championship. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is Most Popular Driver.

Many teams will see changes next year. Martin Truex, Jr. moves the Furniture Row Racing and Kurt Busch will join Stewart-Haas Racing along with Kevin Harvick. Ryan Newman moves to Richard Childress Racing. Austin Dillon moves up to the Cup with RCR. His younger brother, Ty replaces him in the Nationwide. A. J. Allmendinger will be full-time with JTG Daughtry Racing.  Jeff Burton will be part-time somewhere. Bobby Labonte's plans are unknown. Mark Martin and Ken Schrader will no longer NASCAR race, though Schrader will dirt-track race. Mike Kelley and Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. will reunite as Kelley moves up to the Cup to be Stenhouse's crew chief. Trevor Bayne and his one-time crew chief Chad Norris will reunite as well. Scott Graves will be Chris Buescher's crew chief. All else you can look up if you want.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Phoenix weekend

Hey there folks! The Trucks, Nationwide and Cup just raced in Phoenix. Here's my take on what happened in the desert.

Friday was the Truck race. Erik Jones won it with 84 laps led and became the youngest Truck race winner. Ross Chastain the pole sitter finished second and led 63 laps. Brendan Gaughan was third with three laps led. Ty Dillon was fourth. Rounding out the top ten were Matt Crafton, Cale Gale, Ryan Blaney, Jonny Sauter, James Buescher and Chase Elliot. John Wes Townley, Ron Hornady, Jr, Miguel Padulo as well as J. J Yeley and D.J. Kennington were all in accidents that end their days.  Brian Silas had engine issues on lap ten, which ended his race.

Saturday was the Nationwide race. Kyle Busch, the pole led 169 laps and won the race. Justin Allgaier was second with 17 laps led. The rest of the top ten were Austin Dillon, Regan Smith,  Sam Hornish, Jr. Matt Kenseth, Trevor Bayne, who led 6 laps, Elliot Sadler, Kevin Harvick and Ryan Blaney. Joe Nemechek had to go to the garage with engine issues on lap 171, which ended his day.  Kyle Larson and Kevin Swindell each had accidents that ended their race on lap 156 and 148 respectively.

Sunday was the Cup race. Kevin Harvick won the race with 70 laps led. Kasey Kahne was second with  41 laps led. Pole sitter Jimmie Johnson was third with 1 lap led. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was fourth with two laps led. Rounding out the top ten were Kurt Busch, Juan Pablo Montoya, Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr., Joey Logano, who led 33 laps and Ryan Newman who led 31 laps. Brad Keselowski was eleventh with 27 laps led.  Greg Biffle finished 13 with one lap led. Jeff Gordon was 14th with 49 laps led. Eighteenth place finisher Jamie McMurray also led one lap. Carl Edwards was 21st with 36 laps led.  David Gilliland, the 24th place finisher led 2 laps.  Denny Hamlin was 28th after leading 18 laps.  Reed Sorenson and Joe Nemechek had blown engines on laps 266 and 193 respectively. David Reutimann and Cole Whitt had accidents on laps 187 and 142, respectively.  Travis Kvapil had a blown engine on lap 129.

 On a sad note, Trevor Bayne revealed he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis but will still race, which is less sad.  He takes no medication and has no symptoms right now with diet and exercise.  We can only hope and pray this lasts. The disease can be slow progress, which means he could have close to a full career. He's a devout Christian and shares his testimony, which may be why someone called him a motivational speaker.  He faces this new challenge with the optimism and strong will we've seen in him throughout the years. I've been a fan of his since Palm Sunday 2011, but watched him earlier that year. Kelly Sutton also raced with MS, including NASCAR Trucks 2003-2007.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Texas Weekend

Hey everyone! NASCAR just raced in Texas,  Camping World Truck Series, Nationwide and Sprint Cup all were racing this time. 

Friday was the Truck race. Ty Dillon was the winner and led 130 laps. Johnny Sauter was second, Ron Hornaday, Jr. was third, Brendan Gaughan was fourth and Justin Loftin was fifth with three laps led. James Buescher, who led two laps, Darrell Wallace, Jr., Miguel Paludo, John Wes Townley and Matt Crafton rounded out the top ten.  Pole sitter Jeb Burton was 26th after running out of fuel. Kyle Busch led 2 laps, but had a blown engine on lap 96, so his day was over then.

Saturday was the Nationwide race.  Brad Keselowski was the winner and led 106 laps. Denny Hamlin was second with 45 laps led, Sam Hornish, Jr. was third with two laps led, Matt Kenseth was fourth with 42 laps led and Austin Dillon was fifth with two laps led. Rounding out the top ten were  Regan Smith, Elliot Sadler, Brian Scott, Kyle Larson and Brad Sweet. Pole-sitter Alex Bowman was 18th after leading three laps.  Jeff Green, filling in for Eric McClure who sat out this race for a medical issue was 27th.

Sunday was the Cup race. Race winner Jimmie Johnson dominated with 255 laps led. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was second, Joey Logano was third with one lap led, Matt Kenseth was fourth with three laps led and Kasey Kahne was fifth.  Rounding out the top ten were Brad Keselowski in sixth after leading 30 laps, Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Ryan Newman in ninth after two laps led and Clint Bowyer Pole-sitter Carl Edwards led 38 laps before a blown engine on lap 187 relegated him to 37th.

Monday, November 4, 2013

About me and why I made this blog

Introducing me! Also some of my thoughts on what this blog is about. I was diagnosed with Asperger's in 1994 and first watched a car race on TV no later than 1997. I turned 24 the Saturday before I wrote this.  Asperger's is a form of autism and people who are autistic can like to watch car races due a fascination with letters and numbers or it may be sensory. The sensory reasons could be the colors of the cars, since some of the autistic are drawn to bright objects or the sounds of a race on TV, since certain sounds can draw the autistic or repetitive movement, as the autistic can like to watch spinning objects.  I took a technical writing class in college and have written some NASCAR fan fiction. My mom, though not a big sports was curious about my stories and says I write like a reporter. She also said I could write a blog, at a different time. I read blogs by other females with Asperger's and Granny Grump's race blog on catchfence.com which is how I got inspired. Music, car races, mainly NASCAR and autism are my big interests now. I also like animals, my favorite being cats. Cat love is common amongst Aspies. I like to read and do crossword and Sudoku puzzles. Puzzle love's common amongst the autistic I've read. I'll blog at least once every week.
 The Aspie life label refers to posts about things in my life/non-NASCAR interests.