Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Color Seasons: Cool Winter+ my life

Hey readers! This week, the topic is Cool Winter. The flow season is Summer.

Cool Winter is cool and clear, with dark intensity. There is high contrast between skin and eyes, because that's how Winters are. This is a very common season.   Hair is usually medium or dark ash brown, cool brown, black- brown, blue-black or silver, but can occasionally be white-blond. Skin is rosy beige, cool beige or soft olive. Eyes are soft dark brown or greyish blue or green. Black is a good colors, as are white, icy pink, fuchsia , royal purple, Chinese blue, icy blue  and plum.  True green and red are other colors that work for this season. Think cool intense colors is the rule for these. Raspberry, plum, deep rose, cool pinks and purples, cool grey, icy white, navy, deep blue and black are the best makeup colors. Now for the bad colors.

Warm colors are no good for these. Golden toned colors are bad and so is orange. Warm brown and nude shades are also problem colors for Cool Winters. Warm colors make these look sick or muddy.

There's some stuff in my life I feel like sharing. My dad's birthday was Sunday. I'm supposed to take a Civil Service test Saturday. Come back next week for my Cool Summer overview.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Color Seasons: Light Spring

 Hey readers! This week, the topic is Light Spring. The flow season is Summer.

Light Spring has a light look, as does Light Summer, but the Springs are somewhat warmer and brighter.  They're lower contrast than other Springs, as the Summer influence moderates the warmth and brightness. Spring's been said to be a delicate colored season and that's true for these. Hair is blond, light red or sometimes light golden brown. Eyes are blue, green, light hazel or occasionally a very light brown. The best colors for these are coral, caramel. light moss, ivory, khaki, warm, light grays or pale yellow. Camel, yellow-green, clear aqua and periwinkle also work, just think light warm colors.  Good makeup colors are peach,  some corals, pink or warm, light reds and greens. Brown or navy mascara's better than black for these. Now for what's bad.

Anything too dark or cool is bad for these. Black is no good. Dark brown also looks terrible. Fuchsia and burgundy don't work on Light Springs either. Come back next week for Cool Winter.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Color Seasons: Light Summer + Off Road Racing

Hey readers! This week, the topic is Light Summer. The flow season is Spring.

Light Summer has an overall light look. Contrast is low because of how Summer is. The Spring flow makes the colors a little warmer and brighter than other summers  Hair is often light brown, but some blonds, the ashy or icy ones fall under this. Brown eyes are rare, but any eye color is possible. The best colors for these are light grey, soft white, sky blue, light pink, light lavender and light navy or aqua, light elegant colors or soft, dusky pastels, basically. Light lemon yellow's a color I've seen listed as a Summer color and seems to work for these as well. Makeup colors are silvery, pastel colors, like soft blue, medium gray, teal, plum, light cocoa, light navy grey, perhaps charcoal. Soft plum, raspberry or rose are good lip colors. Now for the bad colors.

Bad colors for these are dark colors. These are aging and black makes a Light Summer disappear. Bright colors are no good. Some blues and reds are overpowering to these.

Now for a little bit of my life. I watched a taped off road race Saturday. I also started taking magnesium, since I have some magnesium deficiency symptoms. Come back next week for Light Spring.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Color Seasons: Soft Summer

Hey readers! Today, I'll tell you about Soft Summer. The flow season is Autumn.

Soft Summer is muted and cool, but less cool than other Summers. Like Soft Autumn, these are neutral colored with low contrast because that's how the Soft seasons are. The Autumn flow means this season's colors are the most faded and this influence is why the colors are darker and less cool than other Summers. Hair is dark blond, beige or even brown and is said to look mousey. Eyes are gray, muted blue or sometimes a soft hazel. Pastel, grayed and monochrome low contrast colors are the best kind for these.  Dusty colors, as well as rose brown or light navy are some others mentioned as good Soft Summer colors. Soft white has been mentioned as a Summer color. Dusty pinks and silvers are good makeup colors, as are charcoal and navy blue for eye makeup. Just think nothing too dark, bright or warm. Now for the bad colors.

The previously mentioned dark, bright or warm colors are bad for all sorts of reasons. Bright colors look out of place on these. They look awful! Brown creates a muddy look. Black is too harsh. High contrast colors are overpowering and warm colors just aren't the best for these. Come back next week for my version of Light Summer.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Color Seasons: Soft Autumn

Hey readers! Today I'll tell you about Soft Autumn. The flow season is summer.

Soft Autumn is a warm, but less so than other autumns and muted coloring. The coloring is described as neutral, so low contrast colors are good for these. Hair is mousey, eyes are medium hued and skin tone is warm but almost neutral, soft and low contrast. Eyes are muddy green, light brown or perhaps even grayish. Dark mosey blond, brown and strawberry blond are common hair colors in this season.  Good colors for these are khaki, buttermilk, light gray, salmon, light peach, light moss or perhaps even light lemon yellow are good colors for these. Olive green's another Soft Autumn color. Salmon, mahogany, rust, as well as peaches and browns and for eyes, warm cocoa, purple and green (moss green in particular) are good makeup colors. Metallic colors also work for these. Anything soft, delicate and not super warm or cool's the thing in this palette. Now for the bad colors.

Some colors make Soft Autumns disappear or just don't go with the coloring. Dark colors are bad, as these are what causes disappearing. Bright colors are overpowering, so they cause a clownish look when used as makeup. Orange, though an Autumn color is too warm, apparently, for this palette. Come back next week for Soft Summer.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Color Seasons: Warm Spring

Hey readers! Today, I'll tell you about Warm Spring. The flow season for this is Autumn.

Warm Spring is warm, but lighter than Warm Autumn. Hair is golden brown, strawberry or golden blond, light auburn or copper color. Skin is peachy, creamy, golden beige and they may have freckles. Eyes can be golden green or brown, hazel or warm turquoise. The best colors for these are coral. salmon, apricot, peach and gold. Other good colors are  light warm brown or green, light navy or periwinkle and bright warm  colors, like lime green or bright yellow. The best makeup colors warm brown, camel, copper, bronze, moss or warm purple. Golden yellow, cream, apricot, gold, warm green or teal, soft cinnamon, mango, poppy red and light warm pink also work. Think warm and light to know what's best for someone of this coloring. Now. onto the bad.

What's bad for these is anything dark or cool. Black is bad, as are cool blues. Come back next week for my Soft Autumn description.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Color Seasons: Warm Autumn+ NASCAR Champion's Week

Hey readers! Today, I'll tell you about Warm Autumn. The blend season for this is Spring, because both are warm.

Warm Autumn means everything is warm, hair, skin and eyes. The Warm Autumn's best colors are red, orange, brown and nutmeg. Khaki, mustard, olive green and yellow gold are also good, as are Warm Spring's warmest colors.  Warm is key for these people. Think of autumn leaves, as these colors are Warm Autumn's colors. Red or reddish brown hair and strawberry blond hair are the most common colors, but a woman of color can have darker hair and still be Warm Autumn, if she has truly golden tones. Eyes are amber, topaz, golden brown, very warm chocolate brown, dark hazel or perhaps warm green. Green eyed women in this palette can wear deep warm purple eye makeup. Warm is key for makeup, like golden tones, warm green or brown, as well as copper and teal. Now for the bad colors for a warm autumn.

Anything too cool or not medium hued is bad for a Warm Autumn. Fuchsia and pastel colors are bad. Pure black and pure white make them look sick.

Last week was NASCAR Champion's Week. The events were Fanfest, NASCAR NMPA Myers Brothers, NASCAR Victory Lap, NASCAR After the Lap and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series  The Chasers, champion and Rookie of the Year were honored. Awards. Stay tuned for my version of Warm Spring.