Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Color Seasons: Warm Spring

Hey readers! Today, I'll tell you about Warm Spring. The flow season for this is Autumn.

Warm Spring is warm, but lighter than Warm Autumn. Hair is golden brown, strawberry or golden blond, light auburn or copper color. Skin is peachy, creamy, golden beige and they may have freckles. Eyes can be golden green or brown, hazel or warm turquoise. The best colors for these are coral. salmon, apricot, peach and gold. Other good colors are  light warm brown or green, light navy or periwinkle and bright warm  colors, like lime green or bright yellow. The best makeup colors warm brown, camel, copper, bronze, moss or warm purple. Golden yellow, cream, apricot, gold, warm green or teal, soft cinnamon, mango, poppy red and light warm pink also work. Think warm and light to know what's best for someone of this coloring. Now. onto the bad.

What's bad for these is anything dark or cool. Black is bad, as are cool blues. Come back next week for my Soft Autumn description.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Color Seasons: Warm Autumn+ NASCAR Champion's Week

Hey readers! Today, I'll tell you about Warm Autumn. The blend season for this is Spring, because both are warm.

Warm Autumn means everything is warm, hair, skin and eyes. The Warm Autumn's best colors are red, orange, brown and nutmeg. Khaki, mustard, olive green and yellow gold are also good, as are Warm Spring's warmest colors.  Warm is key for these people. Think of autumn leaves, as these colors are Warm Autumn's colors. Red or reddish brown hair and strawberry blond hair are the most common colors, but a woman of color can have darker hair and still be Warm Autumn, if she has truly golden tones. Eyes are amber, topaz, golden brown, very warm chocolate brown, dark hazel or perhaps warm green. Green eyed women in this palette can wear deep warm purple eye makeup. Warm is key for makeup, like golden tones, warm green or brown, as well as copper and teal. Now for the bad colors for a warm autumn.

Anything too cool or not medium hued is bad for a Warm Autumn. Fuchsia and pastel colors are bad. Pure black and pure white make them look sick.

Last week was NASCAR Champion's Week. The events were Fanfest, NASCAR NMPA Myers Brothers, NASCAR Victory Lap, NASCAR After the Lap and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series  The Chasers, champion and Rookie of the Year were honored. Awards. Stay tuned for my version of Warm Spring.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Color Seasons: Deep Autumn

Hey readers! Today I'll tell you about Deep Autumn. I could be some kind of Autumn because of my hair. My eye color also fits the Autumn range. In my life story, I mentioned olive skin, which can be Autumn or Winter. Ruddiness, which I may have some of because of my hands, occurs more often in warm seasons, I read. I also have a brown shirt that look pretty on me.

Deep Autumn is deep and warm.  Like Deep Winter, the hair and eyes are dark, but are warmer than winter. Skin has a warm undertone and is black, olive, bronze, ivory or golden beige. Autumn colors are rich and muted, but Deep Autumn flows into Winter so the colors are less muted than other Autumns. A Deep Autumn can wear some Winter colors, like black or Chinese blue, but others are too cool or bright. If someone like this wears black, the other colors need to be warm because otherwise it's too cool even though the person's coloring's dark enough.  Muted pewter, burnt orange, coffee green, turquoise, mustard, lime green, true red, ivory and cream are some good colors for these people. Warm purple can work as well. Makeup colors for these people are striking, bold and warm or neutral colors. Warm shades of red and orange, salmon, camel, coffee, anything with a yellow or golden tone, warm metallic, dark green or perhaps navy are the best makeup colors for this season.  Ivory and light gold are good colors, too. Now that the good's been covered, it's time to turn to the bad.

Here the bad list for this season. Pastels make Deep Autumns look sick. Silver, pure white and cool pinks are no good for this season. Light colors are bad choices, as they lead to a washed out look. Dusty tones do nothing for this season, either. Come back next week for my version of Warm Autumn.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Color Seasons: Deep Winter

Now that the NASCAR season's over, I'll blog about other things of interest, but if a NASCAR tidbit comes up, I'll mention it. When I was in my adolescent years, I spotted a copy of this book called Color Me Beautiful. I had a magazine article that had stuff in from this book and a book like it for men. The book tells how to determine if your hair, skin and eye colors go with winter, summer or autumn or spring colors of clothing. This is an interest that crops up for me sometimes. Later on, this system was updated to have deep or light, warm or cool and clear or soft seasons. Winter is deep, cool or clear, autumn is deep, warm or soft, summer is light, cool or soft and spring is light, warm or clear. Today I'll tell you about deep winter.

Deep winters are dark colored and cool toned. Their skin, hair and eyes are dark. Skin is usually olive, bronze or a cool beige. Eyes are black or deep brown, but deep olive, hazel or even dark blue at times. Hair is black or dark brown, perhaps with a reddish tinge  Though this palette is overall cool, it flows into deep autumn. Dark colors, like black  true colors, like pure white or icy ones are deep winters' best colors because their coloring's high contrast.  Icy colors, combined with dark ones make these people look stunning. Fuchsia works for this season. Dramatic, dark colored makeup works for deep seasons. Now that what lets people in this season look best has been covered, it's time to cover the bad.

Here's what people of this season don't look so good in. Light colors are bad for them, if pastel. Anything really warm is bad for them. Light cool colors will cause a stunning look, but they won't look quite right. I read it somewhere the correct tone (cool or warm) but wrong shade creates a contrast that draws the eye but is less than the most flattering look. "Stunning but not glowing" was the source's exact words.

Come back next week for my version of deep autumn.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Homestead Weekend. See you next year NASCAR

Hey folks! Here's my take on the Homestead race weekend. NASCAR's final race weekend of this season had all series racing.

Friday was the Truck race. Darrell Wallace, Jr. won with 30 laps led, followed by pole-sitter Kyle Larson with 96 laps led, Timothy Peters, Kyle Busch with 6 laps led and Ryan Blaney. Rounding out the top-10 were rookie Tyler Reddick, Ty Dillon, Joe Nemechek, Matt Crafton and Johnny Sauter. Brian Silas led 1 lap and finished 18th. Jennifer Jo Cobb led 1 lap before clutch problems relegated her to 32nd. Tyler Reddick was Rookie of Year this year and Matt Crafton was the champion, defending last year's championship. Ryan Blaney moves up to the Xfinity (formerly Nationwide) series, part-time looks like and so does Bubba Wallace, likely. Ryan Blaney also will the Wood Brothers Cup driver, which is also part-time.

Saturday was the Nationwide race. Matt Kenseth won with 52 laps led, followed by Kyle Busch with 5 laps led, Kyle Larson with 111 laps led, Ryan Blaney with 24 laps led and rookie Chris Buescher.  Rounding out the top-10 were Regan Smith, rookie Ty Dillon, pole-sitter Brad Keselowski with 5 laps led, Elliott Sadler and Brian Scott. Trevor Bayne led 3 laps and finished 11th after he scraped the wall twice and cut a tire.  Paul Menard led 3 laps and finished 12th. Rookie Chase Elliott led 1 lap and finished 17th after he brushed the wall. Blake Koch led 1 lap and finished 22nd.  Chase Elliot swept Rookie of the Year, champion and Most Popular Driver at 18, almost 19. Trevor Bayne moves up to the Cup full-time with Roush, which is why Ryan Blaney will race with the Wood Brothers then. As long as the MS stays at bay, Trevor could be Rookie of the Year in the Cup next year.  The rules this year said race winners, as long as they had no more than 16 different Cup driver race winners, would make the Chase. If they do that again, if Trevor wins a race and runs in all the races or was able to get a waiver, he could be a Chaser next year. Denny Hamlin made the Chase as a rookie, so Trevor wouldn't be the first if he did.

Sunday was the Cup race. Kevin Harvick won with 54 laps led, followed by Ryan Newman, Brad Keselowski, Paul Menard and Jamie McMurray. Rounding out the top-10 were Matt Kenseth, Denny Hamlin with 50 laps led, Clint Bowyer,Jimmie Johnson and pole-sitter Jeff Gordon with 161 laps led. Kurt Busch led 1 lap and finished 11th. Blake Koch led 1 lap before an accident relegated him to 38th. Trevor Bayne was 42nd in his last race with the Wood Brothers after an accident. He'll be in the AdvoCare Cup 6 next year when he goes full-time in the Cup. Kevin Harvick was champion, Kyle Larson was Rookie of the Year and the Most Popular Driver was Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

In the weeks ahead, I'll turn to my non-NASCAR interests, like the color season thing, deep winter and all that. Unless a racing tidbit I feel worthy of the blog comes up. I may get a job writing about NASCAR online, because of this blog. I e-mailed a woman with a NASCAR site about a job and attached a post from this blog.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Phoenix Weekend

Hey folks! Here's my take on the second Phoenix race weekend. All the series raced this time.

Friday night was the Truck race. Erik Jones, the defending race winner and pole-sitter won with 114 laps led, followed by Matt Crafton, Cole Custer, Ryan Blaney and Ben Rhodes.  Rounding out the top-10 were Darrell Wallace, Jr. with 12 laps led, John H. Nemechek, Austin Dillon, Johnny Sauter and rookie Tyler Reddick. Matt Crafton has a 25 point lead on Ryan Blaney with 1 race to go. The power went out in Phoenix area that night, so they called the race at lap 126/150 due to the lights at the track going out. This had delayed the race earlier, but that was before halfway, the point at which the race is official.  This was the only night race of the weekend

Saturday was the Nationwide race. Brad Keselowski won with 9 laps led, followed by pole-sitter Kyle Busch with 187 laps led, Elliott Sadler, rookie Ty Dillon and  rookie Chase Elliott, who's Rookie of the Year and has a 52 point lead, which means he'll be champ, as long as he has no  huge penalties.  Rounding out the top-10 were Erik Jones, Brian Scott, Brendan Gaughan, Trevor Bayne and Regan Smith with 9 laps led. Jeremy Clements led 1 lap and finished 11th. It's been a year since Trevor Bayne revealed his MS diagnosis to the world. Chase Elliott, Regan Smith, Brian Scott, Elliott Sadler, Ty Dillon and Trevor Bayne will be the Nationwide top-6, as 6th place Trevor Bayne's over a race ahead of 7th place rookie teammate Chris Buescher.

Sunday was the Cup race. Kevin Harvick won with 264 laps led, followed by Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Brad Keselowski and Denny Hamlin with 24 laps led. Rounding out the top-10 were Joey Logano with 17 laps led, Kurt Busch, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. with 4 laps led, Greg Biffle and Marcos Ambrose. David Regan was 25th with 2 laps led. Rookie Michael Annett was 26th after 1 lap led. Kurt Busch's ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence and claimed he wanted a gun so he could kill himself, so he's under investigation. The Chase final four's Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin and Ryan Newman.

Come back next week for my take on the season finale at Homestead.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Texas Weekend

Hey folks! Here's my take on the second Texas weekend. All series raced this time.

Friday was the Truck race. Kyle Busch won with 80 laps led, followed by Jeb Burton, Timothy Peters, rookie Tyler Reddick with 3 laps led and Matt Crafton with 6 laps led. Rounding out the top-10 were Joey Coulter, Max Gresham, Joe Nemechek, Ryan Blaney and Cameron Haley. German Quiroga led 12 laps and was 17th. Darrell Wallace, Jr led 51 laps before a blown engine relegated him to 26th place.

Saturday was the Nationwide race. Kyle Busch won with 116 laps led, followed by Joey Logano with 59 laps led, Ryan Blaney, rookie Chase Elliott and Matt Kenseth with 5 laps led. Rounding out the top-10 were Brian Scott, Austin Dillon, Kevin Harvick, Elliott Sadler and rookie Dakota Armstrong. Regan Smith led 5 laps and was 11th. Trevor Bayne led 15 laps, but while leading, ran over some debris, cut a tire and hit the wall, which relegated him to 36th. His car had flames coming out the back, but he's ok. He was dejected since his car, until the accident was a potential winning car. As he said  “This was the best Nationwide car that I have ever had. Our No. 6 AdvoCare Ford Mustang was just hauling the mail today. It just had a lot of speed all weekend long and I thought we had a good shot to win this race, so it’s disheartening. My guys deserve to win. AdvoCare deserves to win. Unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be today but we’ve got two races left to get it done.It is never good to pop a right front tire or whatever we did there.  Whether it was a line or tire, I think it was a tire, it is never a good time but especially not when you have the best car you have ever had in your career. That thing was on a rail. I have never had a car so dominant, especially at the Nationwide level. It was easy today for the time we were on the race track. The first couple laps I was really loose and needed a small adjustment, but man I think we had a great shot to win this race today with our AdvoCare Mustang.”.  His time in the Nationwide will be over with the end of this year, since he's supposed to be full-time in the Cup next year. Since he has MS, there's no guarantee of anything, but people can live a normal life with it, so hope's not unreasonable. He believes he can be one of those people, which he has been to date.  Chase Elliott now has a 48 point lead over teammate Regan Smith, so likely, their team, JR Motorsports will sweep Rookie of the Year and champ, as the 3rd place driver Brian Scott's 63 points behind the leader with 2 races to go and Ty Dillon, who's a rookie, like Chase and is 5th and 75 points behind him, has 1 win, while Chase has 3.

Sunday was the Cup race. Jimmie Johnson with 191 laps led, followed by Kevin Harvick with 2 laps led, Brad Keselowski with 22 laps led, Kyle Busch and Jamie McMurray. Rounding out the top-10 were Dale Earnhardt, Jr., rookie Kyle Larson, Kurt Busch with 15 laps led, Carl Edwards and Denny Hamlin with 3 laps led. Matt Kenseth was 25th  after 59 laps led. Jeff Gordon was 29th with 49 laps led.

This is my first blog-day. I turned 25 2 days ago. Come back next week for my take on Phoenix