Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Mystery Keeper Middle School.

This is about my life in my middle school years.

I was nervous about sixth grade but it wasn't that bad in the end.  I made the honor or high honor roll all four marking periods.  I was a tiger for Halloween, I think since I remember I had cat ears.  I got over my sporty phase at this time. In my late elementary years, I liked sports books. I also got a basketball hoop and watched sports TV with my dad.  My dad had the same surgery this my mom had when I was four. I was a NASCAR viewer by third grade, but no later than November of sixth grade, I had no more opportunity to watch races as a kid.  They petered out on our channels more, as we didn't have Fox then like we do now.  I had no clue I'd return to NASCAR viewership ten years after I heard my dad say "Dale Earnhardt died" February '01, though.  A few days before this, I brought my science experiment hamsters to the school science fair and they were a hit.  I used mice at first but the mice we bought were feeder mice and one died as did its replacement. The other one went to the other sixth grade science teacher and died a few weeks later. When he was alive yet, my class watched a video with the other class and my classmates talked about how cute he was.  He was a little white mouse. We kept the hamsters after the experiment.  The nursing home my dad works at raffled off a cat, Spitfire that spring and my dad put his name in seven times.  We had two cats Fluffy and Snuggles, but they were old and Fluffy was sick and dying. She still crawled on our laps, though.  Spitfire didn't like our other cats but she liked us.  She slept on my bed before I went to camp, then slept with my parents after that. I went on the girl's club camping trip again and the special needs camp later on that summer. I had aged out of one of the library programs but had the other activities still. In August, my family made a Canadian trip like when I was seven and eight.  We also made the girl's club church our church after I finished the sixth grade Sunday School at the first church after going to their evening services a while. The first church had no regular evening service, just plays or movies, special things like that.  My dad's work schedule means he can't always go to morning church, so this mattered to him.

Seventh grade was no problem schoolwise but the world wasn't so good. Just after I started the year, 9/11 happened.  I was almost 12, so still a young girl in so many ways and it scared me. I just missed the honor roll once, but was on it the rest of the year.  I started Spanish class this year. I had technology half the year and health the other half Nothing else too big in my world, schoolwise, but I no longer had OT, which was new.  I moved to the next level in my church's girl's club this year.  Since we made the church our church, we joined it  a few months after I turned twelve.  I also got baptized.  Since we hadn't bought a new car since I was three and that model was on its last year, my family got a new car this year. It was a second car so we didn't drive it a whole lot but we used it on fun trips. My gramma had heart surgery shortly after the girl's club camping trip, which happened after our dog was put to sleep. Sandy, the dog was old and sick.  We still had our dove as well Snuggles and Spitfire, the cats. They and my hamsters were enough for us I guess, as we never got another dog to date. I had a bad time in adaptive PE as the other girl was aggressive to me, pulled my hair so hard it pulled me down and said things like "Bee girl" when bees flew around my head and "loser" for whatever reason. The hair thing was harassment, we were told but she was autistic, so the cops couldn't do much about it.  I went on the girl's club camping trip and to the special needs camp again. We also camped at a town park near where I live.  

Eighth grade was a good year for me.  I was always on the honor roll somewhere and I got an academic distinction award then.  Our church had a 9/11 memorial service but we didn't go as my mom wasn't interested in it.  I had technology again, as well as home and careers, which were both half year classes.  I had state tests, like in fourth grade plus a science test as well. I also no longer had adaptive PE due to my experiences in it the previous year.   My PE teacher that year was the son-in-law of a woman from our church, who had surgery like my gramma had and my family visited her in the hospital.  I turned thirteen this year and about a week and a half later my mom's dad, my grampa died of heart trouble at 91.  I went on the girl's club camping trip as well as to the special needs camp. It seems Snuggles died while I was camping with the girl's club. My family camped at a camping park where my dad's family was having a reunion so it was blended with our vacation.  I knew about a local speedway this summer because our dentist advertised it on his bulletin board and the radio station that played in his office aired a commercial about it, but we didn't go. My mom's not a big sports fan, so maybe that explains it. I didn't care either way, though.  It had some minor league NASCAR races, which I learned after I could watch NASCAR on TV again.  I had now aged out of both library programs but still had my other activities in summer. 

Next week, I'll tell of my high school years.


  1. I went on some fields trips in elementary school and one in sixth grade. Elementary trips were the town park, a boat museum somewhat nearby, a symphony's children's concert (that symphony recently shut down and came back smaller, which may still be around) and a trip to a historic place. These were elementary trips, the last of the list in fourth grade. In sixth grade the field trip was an Ottawa trip because where I live's closer to there than it is to DC.

  2. Middle school was the hardest part of school for me. It must have been hard to deal with 9/11 during that time. I LOVED reading about your pets!

  3. 9/11 made me have a lot of emotion and when I had paper to throw away, I tore it for a while. Some girls were mean to me in middle school.