Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just Some Asperger's Girl Traits I Have or Have Ever Had Some With Explanations/ Elaborations Plus a Little Snippet of My World

These are thought to be Asperger's traits, some are general and some are girls only. It's different for girls because girls and boys are different so the manifestation of Asperger's differs in them. Maybe I wasn't a perfect match because of girl presentation.
I have a high interest in songs.
I like to make poems and write.
I was hyperactive as a kid. ran around on my tiptoes, like my dad
I have wandered.
My emotions are strong. This includes empathy, which female Aspies can have. Sensitive this element of me is called.
I'm capable of deep thoughts.
I was thought to have hyperlexia because I could read many years ahead of my age.
I knew my alphabet, numbers 1-10, colors and shapes at two, my mom says.
I'm bright (see above, which shows me as a smart girl) and creative.
I like to play with words.
I'm good with computers, which is common amongst Aspies but may not be a perfect correlation*, though.
I have sensory issues, don't like loud noises, bothered by fluorescent lights as a little girl, only like certain touches.
I flapped my arms and spun as a little girl, have rocked at times and can pace and talk to myself. Once, when I was in college, I did the latter because I had three chapters to read in a textbook. I know they were connect because I paced and talked right around the time I read the chapters.
I like bright colors. (some of the autistic do)
I don't tend to lie because I don't like lying.
I'm sweet and sociable but  have been imperfect in social situations.
I talk a lot. again not a perfect correlation but like the computer abilities could be linked.
Some Aspies have a sense of humor, which includes me. I like to joke around and make puns.
I'm quirky. Sometimes I tell people this to help explain me. Everyone has their quirks, so this isn't unique to Asperger's but for those that have it, the quirks are likely linked to it.
I have a good memory, as some of the autistic do.
I have intense interests, which may be linked. When I'm interested in things, I gain incredible knowledge about that thing.
I can be daydreamy. (but redirectible)
I'm strong willed, which could be linked.
I'm spunky and assertive, which could be linked in my situation.
I'm clumsy at times, which may or may not be linked. my dad's a little clumsy too. I'm better than I was, though.The clumsiness was noticed when I was in preschool. My mom sensed a gap when I was a toddler and knew I was hyperactive but she thought that was all it was before I was four.  I got evaluated and she was told I was mildy autistic. Asperger's is considered a mild form of autism.
I learned to jump while in preschool, which was apparently delayed as they noted it.
In preschool, I did mostly solitary and parallel play but at the end, I at age 4.5 was starting to play with the others. more outside though. There's a picture in the Me Book we made of me in their toy bus with another kid.  It was part of Head Start. As a schoolgirl, I could play with other kids on the playground.
I had trouble distinguishing feelings as a little girl.
I'm rather immature and childlike in some ways. so's my dad. My mom said he's more childlike.
Her oldest brother's widow** has a sister that's childlike as well.  My dad and my aunt's sister could be undiagnosed Aspies.
I've been a picky eater since after preschool. Maybe I got more aware of food then. I don't like mushrooms (who wants to eat fungus) or onions (they smell) for example.
I liked to climb as a kid. I may have climbed a ladder and I remember I used to climb on play equipment. For example, I climbed to the top of my swing set and sat on it. Don't worry, I held on. I also climbed an inflatable rock climb at a school fun day in elementary school.
Though I could take my bath on my own at the age of 12, like my mother, I was delayed in shaving my arms and legs as well as brushing my hair. I was in high school before I could do these.
Since elementary school, I've liked to swim, which could be linked.
I still like to swing, which may be linked.
I like Thomas the Tank Engine as a kid, though any kid can like Thomas, autistic kids are particularly likely to.
I don't like change.
These may just be things we're capable of
I'm loyal.
I'm hardworking.
I have high enthusiasm. ( I read females with Asperger's can sound eager)
I like cats.
I'm a rule bound girl, in many ways, which is common amongst the autistic if they can understand rules at least.  I read this next part in an autistic blog. They think their daughter may fall on the spectrum in PDD-NOS range and said she's this way (very rule bound).
This is the ones I'm sure of.

My mom used to want a 49er's shirts because of her birth year and I call them her team as in "Mom, I think your team lost." I don't like football and my mom sort of  likes it only if the 49ers are playing. My dad's birthday was a few days ago.
*some people not diagnosed with Asperger's are like this as well.
**If you read my life story here, I tell how my uncle died when I was in third grade. This refers to my aunt who was his wife.


  1. I love this list so much. It is such a wonderful word picture of who you are. It makes me like you even more. :)

  2. I got the idea from another female Aspie's blog. She talked about her Asperger traits, so I did my own version.

  3. I'm a ChlorSan female aspie and this applies.