Monday, January 27, 2014

My Interests Throughout My Life+ 24 Hours of Daytona

Throughout my life I have had a variety of interests. Some I shed, perhaps outgrew and others are current.  Some are off and on.
getting into everything as a kid.
letters and numbers, particularly when I was little.
PBS as a kid, first Barney, Sesame Street  and Lamb Chop, then Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Arthur, Thomas and Friends, Reading Rainbow, The Magic School Bus, The Puzzle Place,  Charlie Horse Music Pizza, Wimzie's House,  Teletubbies, Between the Lions and Clifford. Of this last group, Arthur was first to go, Thomas and Friends was next but that was an opportunity issue mostly as the time it came on (Sunday) when I was a kid made it hard for me to watch it very often, then Reading Rainbow and Magic School Bus, then Charlie Horse Music Pizza, which was replaced with Wimzie's House on my list of shows to watch.The Puzzle Place was on-off-on again, then replaced with Between the Lions in terms of time slot and on my list of shows, Teletubbies overlapped with the ones from Puzzle Place (again) and all the ones that follow it on the list. Teletubbies, Between the Lions and Clifford, which replaced Wimzie's House on my list of shows after that show left PBS were my last PBS kids show group. Then I outgrew PBS kids.
Books and magazines, which is ongoing.
Game shows, longtime.
Car races 1997 (at latest, I know I was in school and no more than seven)-2000 (my last NASCAR views as kid had Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. as racemates and besides FOX took over coverage in 2001) and 2011-present.
Other sports, including sports books in late elementary years, mostly but I kind of like basketball.
Making up stories, ongoing
drawing, at times
Toys, as a kid. I collected Kelly Dolls and stuffed animals. I had baby dolls and got a precomputer, which is from Vtech.  I still have it but rarely use it. Same with my Furby, which I got at nine or ten.
Hand held video games, somewhat. This one was mostly as a kid, but I still play these occasionally . I even got a couple GigaPets and a Nano Baby.  The baby got broken and the pets haven't been active in years.
Autistic people off and on. currently on.
Animals, longtime Favorite animals throughout my life include dinosaurs, I thought they were "totally cool" when I was little, elephants and furry animals like cats.  I had some elephant rides as a kid.
Christian music longtime but stronger at times, like now.
I have had other more minor interests that are sort of silly and I feel uncomfortable mentioning these.
I had a series of special interests after sixth grade. American history, churches, my favorite teacher, mice (related to this mouse project I had in Animal Science), cars,  the movie Cars, a woman in our church who had a car accident, history, included alternative history, politics, our cats, Christian music and Christian websites, diets and car races. Muisc and diets overlapped, timewise as do music and car races, but these two have a connection. The link between music and car races is centered on K-Love, a radio station network with a station near me that I listen to, sponsors NASCAR and has drivers as guests sometimes. One of my favorite drivers was a guest on K-Love and said he listens to it while on air and posts Christian song lyrics on his social media.
On Saturday, I watched part of the 24 hour Daytona road race with my dad.  He watched the rest of a basketball game first.  His favorite college team played that day and the second half of the game overlapped with the race.  He works nights, so he missed part of the game due to this as this past weekend was a work weekend.  He's on an every other weekend schedule. The first two hours of the road race were on FOX, then coverage when to FOX's sports channels which are cable TV channels so we don't get them.  I saw online there was a few NASCAR drivers, Jamie McMurray, Kyle Larson and A. J. Allmendinger in the race.  The Internet said how there was a wreck that caused a red flag and sent two drivers, Memo Gidely and Mateo Malucelli to the hospital. Gidely has a broken back, which reminds me of Denny Hamlin last year, except Gidely will have surgery and I don't think Hamlin plans on surgery. Not a real Hamlin fan, but as a race fan, I knew about his hurt back.   Gidely was driving the pole winning car and while attempting to lap another car, hit Malucelli's car in the rear, since he apparently didn't see it. Malucelli's car was losing power so he pulled over and Gidely rear-ended him due to his attempt to duck under the car he attempted to lap.  Gidely also had left arm and leg surgery. Attrition hurt Chip Ganassi's team as they had a flat rear tire at the 18 hour mark and Michael Shank's team had two gearbox issues that sent the car to the garage.Action Express was the winning team, our paper says.  My mom's birthday was yesterday.


  1. Isn't it interesting how some interests come and go and some stick with you for a really long time, but both kinds are very intense? We also have some very similar interests. I also really like cats and mice (and other rodents). I'm big into zombies stories and stuff too. It's cool to hear what you like.

  2. Samantha Craft another female Aspie blogger did a post about her interests and fixations, which inspired this. In my intro, I mention liking cats and Aspergers.