Monday, February 10, 2014

Personalities+NASCAR Preseason

Sometimes, I take personality quizzes online.  One sort of test like this involves four personalities, sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic or some variant of this.  I always test as choleric or sanguine or a blend of these two. This theory says people have two main ones, with maybe a small amount of a third.  Phlegmatic would be third, since I don't have too many melancholic tendencies. I'm deep, but that's about it. Sanguine and choleric are the extraverted temperaments.  Phlegmatic and melancholic are introverted. Sanguine and phlegmatic are people oriented, while choleric and melancholic are task oriented. The natural blends are double extravert, introvert, or double people oriented, task oriented. Basically, one trait has to carry over for the blend to be real. Some people have learned to act a certain way and have unnatural blends, like choleric with phlegmatic or melancholic and sanguine.

Sanguine/choleric mixture can have either one dominant at a given time, as this can be a 50/50.  This is a talkative, energetic, busy type of person.  These are confident, optimistic people.  The emotions are strong and come quickly with these people. The double extravert creates this. Sanguine's a dominate the conversation type, which I can be.  A person with this element to their personality will be sensitive to people and what people think of them, funny, spunky, enthusiastic, happy, mostly, changeable emotionally and creative. Sanguines like bright colors and are fond of accessories.   Choleric people are leaders, quick to show anger, intense, passionate, workaholic, driven, take charge, forceful and assertive people. They tend to be strong willed and goal-oriented. Loyalty matters to these types, but they can be pushy and rude. Cholerics are practical dressers. Blended together, these types make someone a good boss.  The choleric lends an organization and tempers the playfulness of the sanguine part, as that side's disorganized and messy more.  Sanguine calms to workaholic tendencies choleric adds and makes the person nicer, since choleric has insensitivity.  I have a lot of this in me.  I try to be sweet and usually am, but I can be rude. "I’m enthusiastic, sensitive, happy, creative, have strong emotions and can up and down quickly, sweet, energetic, talkative, strong-willed, passionate and someone thought I’d be a good boss when I was in college. Sometimes, I hurt people but I don’t mean to and I hate when I do. I don’t like to make people feel bad." This is a comment I made on a personality blog, so I copied and pasted it here. It's mine, but I quoted it to show I used it elsewhere.

Sanguine/phlegmatic blends an extravert and an introvert personality, so one likely dominates.  This is a double people oriented blend and is said to be likeable.  Sanguine traits counter phlegmatic sluggishness. Phlegmatic's a stubborn sort at times, but different stubborn from choleric.  It's more a bump on a log type thing.  They're usually easygoing and laid back, but can be stubborn about doing anything.  They show little emotion and are quiet.  They like to sit on the sidelines and watch. They have a dry humor.  They like casual, muted clothing.  The calm, quiet kid in the corner no ones notices is likely to have phlegmatic.  They are patient and tend to blend in.  They like to interact with people, but those whose phlegmatic dominates are limited to small doses of interaction.  Sanguine adds energy and phlegmatic adds emotional stability.

Phlegmatic/melancholic blends the introverts, which means 50/50 can happen here too.  My mom's this type, melancholic with phlegmatic.  Her twin brother resembles her emotionally, so he's a melancholic blend too, she thinks. Melancholic has perfectionist in it which leads to a trickiness in this blend due to phlegmatic's easygoing ways, I've read. Melancholic people are sensitive, but may not always show it, quiet, task oriented, reluctant leaders and have a sense of humor but are selective about sharing it.  These people are deep, easily embarrassed and hurt, self-conscious, intuitive, empathetic, moody, sentimental and creative.  They show the perfectionism in how they dress. Phlegmatic added to this makes a kind person. They're not easy to get to know, due to their introversion, but make good friends, since they're kind.  Phlegmatic tempers the perfectionism so they can relax some and melancholic adds a doer element.

Choleric/melancholic blends an extravert  and introvert , so like sanguine/phlegmatic one or the other dominates.  These people are sometimes thought robotic because they're totally task oriented.  These people are mission minded perfectionists, so they tend to be teacher's and bosses' pets. These people are highly successful due to their task orientedness and high standards. Melancholic lends sensitivity and humor, which they share with friends, to this blend and choleric can help them to lead others because it takes some of the edge off melancholic's reluctance. 

NASCAR has had preseason activity this month and have their first race this Saturday. It's a shootout, non-points event called the Sprint Unlimited. To preview the season, they had Fan Appreciation Day. They had a morning session, then after cleanup, an afternoon session. Some drivers, including what they call NASCAR Next and the Hall of Fame member and inductees had appearances and Q and A
sessions.  They had a media tour as well. Some drivers tested at the Nashville track, which used to be a minor league (Truck and Nationwide) track, but now is only a test track.  Kasey Kahne, Casey Mears, Greg Biffle, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Trevor Bayne, Joey Logano, Paul Menard, Ryan Newman, Aric Almirola, Jeff Burton, Ryan Truex, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Carl Edwards were part of this. I couldn't find their speeds. Three drivers, Trevor Bayne, Michael Annet and Reed Sorenson tested at Talladega and T-Bayne was the fastest in the test.

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