Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Color Seasons: Clear/Bright Spring + NASCAR preseason

Hey readers! Here's my take on Clear Spring, which is also called Bright Spring. I'll call it Clear Spring here, since that was how I first learned it. The flow season is Winter. With NASCAR starting again this weekend, I'll go into their preseason activities at the end.

Clear Spring is clear and warm. Though these are warmer than Clear Winters, contrast is high because that's how Clear Seasons are. Hair is anywhere from blond to medium brown. Eyes are blue, green, topaz or hazel, usually and bright. Skin is clear and translucent, as a rule.  The colors are very bright for these all well. These can wear with black (with another color) due to the Winter flow, bright pink, lime green, turquoise, burnt orange, navy, grey, charcoal, black-brown, soft white, ivory, stone, pewter, silver, icy violet, icy aqua, mint, icy yellow, icy coral, bright salmon, coral, coral red, coral pink, light coral pink, warm pink, mango, deep rose, hot pink, scarlet, strong vermillion, fuchsia, true yellow, brilliant gold, lemon yellow, golden yellow, dark golden orange, emerald, pale yellow-green, kelly green, true green, forest green, lime green, light teal, clear teal, royal blue, bright aqua, bright turquoise, true blue, violet and royal purple are the colors for these. Makeup colors come from palette colors, the reds and pinks are the cheek and lip colors, for example. Rose, blue pink, violet and purple are particularly good lip colors. Pure green and blue are good eye colors, as are for light haired ones nay and coffee brown. Now for bad colors.

Some colors are no good for these. Pastels and browns are too muted. Beige, tan, gold and dusty browns do these no favors as makeup colors. These colors are better left to the softer seasons.

NASCAR has had preseason activity in recent weeks. The Hall of Fame Induction and Fan Appreciation Day occurred recently. The only off-season test was a tire test. Some announcements have come out. Trevor Bayne, they decided, has run in too many race to be Rookie of the Year, even though he has never earned points in the Cup. Though this will be his first year with a full-time Cup ride, he has been in over 50 races. Jeff Gordon will retire and Chase Elliott will be promoted to the Cup after this year. Chase will race in a few Cup races in the 25 this year, in addition to a full Xfinity (formerly Nationwide) schedule this year.  Come back next week for my recap of the Speedweeks start.


  1. Huh. It seems like if it's his first year, he should still be allowed to be Rookie of the Year. What do you think?

    1. He had more than a full season's worth of races. A Cup season has 36 races and he had 58 before this year. He never Cup raced at some of the tracks, due to being part-time the past four years..