Monday, February 2, 2015

Color Seasons: Clear/Bright Winter

Hey readers! Here's my take on Clear Winter, which is sometimes called Bright Winter. Clear Winter was the first name I learned, so I'll call it that in the main part, for simplicity.  The flow season is Spring.

Clear Winter is clear and cool. They are high contrast, because that's how Clear seasons are.   The Spring flow means this season is a little warmer and lighter than other Winters. Clears' colors are insanely bright, so shopping is hard for these people. Celebrities are often Clears. Good colors for these are true light or medium gray, charcoal, black, ebony, black-brown, pewter, pure white, soft white, silver, stone, taupe, icy colors, coral, shocking pink, hot pink, deep rose, ruby red, clear red, true red, blue-red, raspberry, fuchsia, magenta, cranberry, burgundy, aubergine, mango, gold, lemon yellow, bright golden yellow, mint green, true green, emerald turquoise, emerald green, pine green, turquoise, true blue, royal blue, clear teal, medium blue, bright periwinkle, sapphire blue, hot turquoise, periwinkle, navy blue, purple and violet. One of the sites I get my color info from lists a lot of colors for each season and I used it for this season. Hair is medium or dark brown, black-brown, black or occasionally silver or white-blond. Skin is porcelain white, light beige or pale olive. Eyes are typically bright blue or green, perhaps violet, but bright hazel or light brown is possible as well. The eyes are very noticeable because of their brightness.  Makeup colors are taken from palette colors, lip and cheek colors are the reds and such. Charcoal, navy and deep plum are good eye makeup colors. Bright pink lips with these eye makeup shades creates a striking look is these.  Now onto the bad colors.

Bad colors for these are warm and muted ones. Soft, pale colors make these look yellow and warm colors lead to a muddy look. Come back next week for Clear Spring, which ends this series.


  1. I've often heard a lot of these colors referred to as jewel tones, which I like. :)

    1. I know the term jewel tones. Sometimes, the autistic are drawn to bright colors, I've read. Just a thought that popped into my head.