Monday, November 24, 2014

Color Seasons: Deep Winter

Now that the NASCAR season's over, I'll blog about other things of interest, but if a NASCAR tidbit comes up, I'll mention it. When I was in my adolescent years, I spotted a copy of this book called Color Me Beautiful. I had a magazine article that had stuff in from this book and a book like it for men. The book tells how to determine if your hair, skin and eye colors go with winter, summer or autumn or spring colors of clothing. This is an interest that crops up for me sometimes. Later on, this system was updated to have deep or light, warm or cool and clear or soft seasons. Winter is deep, cool or clear, autumn is deep, warm or soft, summer is light, cool or soft and spring is light, warm or clear. Today I'll tell you about deep winter.

Deep winters are dark colored and cool toned. Their skin, hair and eyes are dark. Skin is usually olive, bronze or a cool beige. Eyes are black or deep brown, but deep olive, hazel or even dark blue at times. Hair is black or dark brown, perhaps with a reddish tinge  Though this palette is overall cool, it flows into deep autumn. Dark colors, like black  true colors, like pure white or icy ones are deep winters' best colors because their coloring's high contrast.  Icy colors, combined with dark ones make these people look stunning. Fuchsia works for this season. Dramatic, dark colored makeup works for deep seasons. Now that what lets people in this season look best has been covered, it's time to cover the bad.

Here's what people of this season don't look so good in. Light colors are bad for them, if pastel. Anything really warm is bad for them. Light cool colors will cause a stunning look, but they won't look quite right. I read it somewhere the correct tone (cool or warm) but wrong shade creates a contrast that draws the eye but is less than the most flattering look. "Stunning but not glowing" was the source's exact words.

Come back next week for my version of deep autumn.


  1. I think my mom had this book. I could never figure out what season I was.

    1. Brown hair usually means a darker season, which is some type of autumn or winter but with lighter eyes could be summer. The brown hair/lighter eyes combo could be clear/bright winter, too. Some places say clear, other say bright. Maybe the specifics of the updated version of this will help you.