Monday, December 1, 2014

Color Seasons: Deep Autumn

Hey readers! Today I'll tell you about Deep Autumn. I could be some kind of Autumn because of my hair. My eye color also fits the Autumn range. In my life story, I mentioned olive skin, which can be Autumn or Winter. Ruddiness, which I may have some of because of my hands, occurs more often in warm seasons, I read. I also have a brown shirt that look pretty on me.

Deep Autumn is deep and warm.  Like Deep Winter, the hair and eyes are dark, but are warmer than winter. Skin has a warm undertone and is black, olive, bronze, ivory or golden beige. Autumn colors are rich and muted, but Deep Autumn flows into Winter so the colors are less muted than other Autumns. A Deep Autumn can wear some Winter colors, like black or Chinese blue, but others are too cool or bright. If someone like this wears black, the other colors need to be warm because otherwise it's too cool even though the person's coloring's dark enough.  Muted pewter, burnt orange, coffee green, turquoise, mustard, lime green, true red, ivory and cream are some good colors for these people. Warm purple can work as well. Makeup colors for these people are striking, bold and warm or neutral colors. Warm shades of red and orange, salmon, camel, coffee, anything with a yellow or golden tone, warm metallic, dark green or perhaps navy are the best makeup colors for this season.  Ivory and light gold are good colors, too. Now that the good's been covered, it's time to turn to the bad.

Here the bad list for this season. Pastels make Deep Autumns look sick. Silver, pure white and cool pinks are no good for this season. Light colors are bad choices, as they lead to a washed out look. Dusty tones do nothing for this season, either. Come back next week for my version of Warm Autumn.


  1. I love autumny colors like oranges and dark reds and greens.

    1. One place calls Autumn colors warm and rich. I once sent a woman with a blog (her e-name's Mom) some pictures of me and she says I could be an Autumn or a Winter.