Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Color Seasons: Warm Spring

Hey readers! Today, I'll tell you about Warm Spring. The flow season for this is Autumn.

Warm Spring is warm, but lighter than Warm Autumn. Hair is golden brown, strawberry or golden blond, light auburn or copper color. Skin is peachy, creamy, golden beige and they may have freckles. Eyes can be golden green or brown, hazel or warm turquoise. The best colors for these are coral. salmon, apricot, peach and gold. Other good colors are  light warm brown or green, light navy or periwinkle and bright warm  colors, like lime green or bright yellow. The best makeup colors warm brown, camel, copper, bronze, moss or warm purple. Golden yellow, cream, apricot, gold, warm green or teal, soft cinnamon, mango, poppy red and light warm pink also work. Think warm and light to know what's best for someone of this coloring. Now, onto the bad.

What's bad for these is anything dark or cool. Black is bad, as are cool blues. Come back next week for my Soft Autumn description.

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