Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Color Seasons: Warm Autumn+ NASCAR Champion's Week

Hey readers! Today, I'll tell you about Warm Autumn. The blend season for this is Spring, because both are warm.

Warm Autumn means everything is warm, hair, skin and eyes. The Warm Autumn's best colors are red, orange, brown and nutmeg. Khaki, mustard, olive green and yellow gold are also good, as are Warm Spring's warmest colors.  Warm is key for these people. Think of autumn leaves, as these colors are Warm Autumn's colors. Red or reddish brown hair and strawberry blond hair are the most common colors, but a woman of color can have darker hair and still be Warm Autumn, if she has truly golden tones. Eyes are amber, topaz, golden brown, very warm chocolate brown, dark hazel or perhaps warm green. Green eyed women in this palette can wear deep warm purple eye makeup. Warm is key for makeup, like golden tones, warm green or brown, as well as copper and teal. Now for the bad colors for a warm autumn.

Anything too cool or not medium hued is bad for a Warm Autumn. Fuchsia and pastel colors are bad. Pure black and pure white make them look sick.

Last week was NASCAR Champion's Week. The events were Fanfest, NASCAR NMPA Myers Brothers Awards  , NASCAR Victory Lap, NASCAR After the Lap and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series  The Chasers, champion and Rookie of the Year were honored. Stay tuned for my version of Warm Spring.

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