Monday, December 29, 2014

Color Seasons: Soft Summer

Hey readers! Today, I'll tell you about Soft Summer. The flow season is Autumn.

Soft Summer is muted and cool, but less cool than other Summers. Like Soft Autumn, these are neutral colored with low contrast because that's how the Soft seasons are. The Autumn flow means this season's colors are the most faded and this influence is why the colors are darker and less cool than other Summers. Hair is dark blond, beige or even brown and is said to look mousey. Eyes are gray, muted blue or sometimes a soft hazel. Pastel, grayed and monochrome low contrast colors are the best kind for these.  Dusty colors, as well as rose brown or light navy are some others mentioned as good Soft Summer colors. Soft white has been mentioned as a Summer color. Dusty pinks and silvers are good makeup colors, as are charcoal and navy blue for eye makeup. Just think nothing too dark, bright or warm. Now for the bad colors.

The previously mentioned dark, bright or warm colors are bad for all sorts of reasons. Bright colors look out of place on these. They look awful! Brown creates a muddy look. Black is too harsh. High contrast colors are overpowering and warm colors just aren't the best for these. Come back next week for my version of Light Summer.


  1. I decided what I want to blog about next week. And yes some of these colors are rather pretty.