Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Color Seasons: Light Summer + Off Road Racing

Hey readers! This week, the topic is Light Summer. The flow season is Spring.

Light Summer has an overall light look. Contrast is low because of how Summer is. The Spring flow makes the colors a little warmer and brighter than other summers  Hair is often light brown, but some blonds, the ashy or icy ones fall under this. Brown eyes are rare, but any eye color is possible. The best colors for these are light grey, soft white, sky blue, light pink, light lavender and light navy or aqua, light elegant colors or soft, dusky pastels, basically. Light lemon yellow's a color I've seen listed as a Summer color and seems to work for these as well. Makeup colors are silvery, pastel colors, like soft blue, medium gray, teal, plum, light cocoa, light navy grey, perhaps charcoal. Soft plum, raspberry or rose are good lip colors. Now for the bad colors.

Bad colors for these are dark colors. These are aging and black makes a Light Summer disappear. Bright colors are no good. Some blues and reds are overpowering to these.

Now for a little bit of my life. I watched a taped off road race Saturday. I also started taking magnesium, since I have some magnesium deficiency symptoms. Come back next week for Light Spring.

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