Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Color Seasons: Light Spring

 Hey readers! This week, the topic is Light Spring. The flow season is Summer.

Light Spring has a light look, as does Light Summer, but the Springs are somewhat warmer and brighter.  They're lower contrast than other Springs, as the Summer influence moderates the warmth and brightness. Spring's been said to be a delicate colored season and that's true for these. Hair is blond, light red or sometimes light golden brown. Eyes are blue, green, light hazel or occasionally a very light brown. The best colors for these are coral, caramel. light moss, ivory, khaki, warm, light grays or pale yellow. Camel, yellow-green, clear aqua and periwinkle also work, just think light warm colors.  Good makeup colors are peach,  some corals, pink or warm, light reds and greens. Brown or navy mascara's better than black for these. Now for what's bad.

Anything too dark or cool is bad for these. Black is no good. Dark brown also looks terrible. Fuchsia and burgundy don't work on Light Springs either. Come back next week for Cool Winter.

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