Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Color Seasons: Cool Winter+ my life

Hey readers! This week, the topic is Cool Winter. The flow season is Summer.

Cool Winter is cool and clear, with dark intensity. There is high contrast between skin and eyes, because that's how Winters are. This is a very common season.   Hair is usually medium or dark ash brown, cool brown, black- brown, blue-black or silver, but can occasionally be white-blond. Skin is rosy beige, cool beige or soft olive. Eyes are soft dark brown or greyish blue or green. Black is a good colors, as are white, icy pink, fuchsia , royal purple, Chinese blue, icy blue  and plum.  True green and red are other colors that work for this season. Think cool intense colors is the rule for these. Raspberry, plum, deep rose, cool pinks and purples, cool grey, icy white, navy, deep blue and black are the best makeup colors. Now for the bad colors.

Warm colors are no good for these. Golden toned colors are bad and so is orange. Warm brown and nude shades are also problem colors for Cool Winters. Warm colors make these look sick or muddy.

There's some stuff in my life I feel like sharing. My dad's birthday was Sunday. I'm supposed to take a Civil Service test Saturday. Come back next week for my Cool Summer overview.

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