Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Color Seasons: Soft Autumn

Hey readers! Today I'll tell you about Soft Autumn. The flow season is summer.

Soft Autumn is a warm, but less so than other autumns and muted coloring. The coloring is described as neutral, so low contrast colors are good for these. Hair is mousey, eyes are medium hued and skin tone is warm but almost neutral, soft and low contrast. Eyes are muddy green, light brown or perhaps even grayish. Dark mosey blond, brown and strawberry blond are common hair colors in this season.  Good colors for these are khaki, buttermilk, light gray, salmon, light peach, light moss or perhaps even light lemon yellow are good colors for these. Olive green's another Soft Autumn color. Salmon, mahogany, rust, as well as peaches and browns and for eyes, warm cocoa, purple and green (moss green in particular) are good makeup colors. Metallic colors also work for these. Anything soft, delicate and not super warm or cool's the thing in this palette. Now for the bad colors.

Some colors make Soft Autumns disappear or just don't go with the coloring. Dark colors are bad, as these are what causes disappearing. Bright colors are overpowering, so they cause a clownish look when used as makeup. Orange, though an Autumn color is too warm, apparently, for this palette. Come back next week for Soft Summer.

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