Thursday, December 31, 2015

Asperger's and Christmas

During the Christmas season, I looked up some stuff about Asperger's and Christmas.  Some Aspies have a hard time with the holidays.

One hard part of holiday time is how it's a social time. Socialization is hard for Aspies. These people are often socially awkward. This makes parties stressful because of remembering social graces and trying to fit it with the others. Christmas at home is easier because of being able to go the bedroom to get away.

The chaos of the holidays is also hard. Aspies don't like changes in routine and holiday time is unpredictable. The Christmas crowds at stores and that people are eating different things are changes in routine at holiday time.

It's also hard for those on the spectrum to patient and that's an issue with the holidays. Presents under the tree cause anticipation and Aspie kids have trouble with that due to the difficulties with patience and waiting alluded to above.

Sensory issues also create difficulties. Loud Christmas music and arguing customers are problems for Aspies during the holidays. Christmas lights can also lead to sensory overload. All these could lead to an Aspie kid having a meltdown at Christmas time.

The holidays are thought of as happy, but not necessarily is this true for Aspies, especially the kids. I never had trouble, except for social issues that showed around my relatives, though.  Come back next time for whatever I came up with.

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