Thursday, December 31, 2015

Famous and Autistic

I have seen or head about famous people that are/were autistic or thought to be so.
 I wasn't sure what to blog about, but then this came to mind.

Syed Talha Ahsan, English poet, translator and perpetrator of providing material support for terrorists
Michael John Anderson, American perpetrator of the 2007 murder of Katherine Ann Olson
Ryan G. Anderson, American perpetrator of attempting to provide aid to the terrorist network al-Qaeda
Jessica-Jane Applegate, English Paralympic swimmer
Dante Arthurs, Australian perpetrator of the 2006 murder of Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu
Daantjie Badenhorst, South African quiz-show champion, journalist and author
Amanda Baggs, American advocate of rights for autistic people
Gemma Barker, English perpetrator of sexual assault and fraud
Jacob Barnett, American physics student and child prodigy
Sean Barron, American journalist and co-author of two books about autism
Danny Beath, award-winning English landscape and wildlife photographer
Lucy Blackman, Australian author with autism
Mark Boerebach, Australian autistic savant with ability to recall Australian music chart top hits from the 1970s and 1980s
Henry Bond, English writer, photographer and visual artist
Susan Boyle, Scottish singer and Britain's Got Talent finalist
Adam Bradford, English social activist, entrepreneur and business adviser
Axel Brauns, German writer and filmmaker
Luca Brecel, professional Belgian snooker player
Phillipa “Pip” Brown (aka Ladyhawke), New Zealand indie-rock musician
Martin Bryant, Australian perpetrator of murdering 35 people and injuring 23 others in the 1996 Port Arthur massacre
Dan Bull, English rapper and songwriter known for his politically oriented lyrics
Michael Burry, American investment-fund manager
Beth Catlin, American autistic savant who sends birthday cards to people whom she has met
T. Rafael Cimino, American novelist and screenwriter with credits in both film and television
Lizzy Clark, English actress and campaigner
Ryan Cleary, English perpetrator of hacking the web sites of major global institutions including the U.K. Serious Organised Crime Agency
Paddy Considine, English actor, film director, screenwriter, and musician
William Cottrell, American perpetrator of the 2003 arson attacks on eight sport utility vehicles (SUV) and an SUV dealership
Michelle Dawson, Canadian autism researcher and autism rights activist
Johnny Dean, English musician, front man of Menswear and iconic pin-up of the ’90s Britpop era
Tony DeBlois, blind American autistic savant and musician
James Durbin, American finalist on the tenth season of American Idol
Robert Durst, accused American perpetrator of murder
Tim Ellis, Australian magician and author
Justin Eugene Evans, American film director, cinematographer, screenwriter, producer, visual effects supervisor, inventor, Autism advocate and college instructor
Marcus Fiesel, American foster-care child murder victim
William Freund, American perpetrator of the murder of two of his neighbors before killing himself
Barry George, English man who was wrongly convicted in 2001 of the murder of British television presenter Jill Dando
Gunilla Gerland, Swedish author, lecturer and debater on the topic of Asperger syndrome and autism
Elliot Gleave (aka Example), English singer signed to Epic Records and Sony Music
Temple Grandin, American food animal handling-systems designer and author
Brian A. Gutierrez, American member of the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities
John R. Hall, American author of Am I Still Autistic and chief executive of Greenwood Hall
Paula Hamilton, English model and judge on Britain’s Next Top Model
Daryl Hannah, American actress
Brant Hansen, American radio personality and author
Christopher Harper-Mercer, American perpetrator of the 2015 Umpqua Community College shootings
Kevin Healey, English autism activist and goodwill ambassador, and campaigner against bullying
Henriett Seth F., Hungarian autistic savant, poet, writer, and artist
Naoki Higashida, Japanese poet, novelist, essayist
John Hirst, English perpetrator of crimes and murder, and campaigner for prisoners’ rights
James Hobley, English dancer and 2011 Britain's Got Talent finalist
Todd Hodgetts, Australian gold medalist for Men’s Shot Put F20 at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London
Peter Howson, Scottish painter
Luke Jackson, English author
Jonathan Jayne, American contestant on American Idol
Bhumi “Poom” Jensen, Thai grandson of the King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej
Mohammad Hassan Khalid, Pakistani perpetrator of conspiracy to commit murder and providing material support to terrorists
Christopher Knowles, American poet and painter
Christopher Krumm, American perpetrator of murder and attempted murder
Heather Kuzmich, American fashion model and reality show contestant on America's Next Top Model
Matthew Labyorteaux, American actor who has starred in television and films
John David LaDue, American perpetrator of the 2014 Waseca Junior and Senior High School shooting and bombing plot
Andrew Lackey, executed American prisoner for the 2005 murder of Charles Newman, an eighty-year-old World War II veteran
Adrian Lamo, Colombian-American computer-threat analyst and former hacker
Adam Lanza, American perpetrator of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings
Leslie Lemke, blind American musician and autistic savant
Jonathan Lerman, American autistic savant outsider artist
Rex Lewis-Clack, American pianist, considered a prodigious musical autistic savant
Abz Love, English rapper, singer, songwriter, DJ, producer and TV personality
Courtney Love, American alternative-rock singer, songwriter, actress and visual artist
Frankie MacDonald, Canadian amateur weatherman
Guy Martin, English motorcycle racer, lorry mechanic and television presenter
Tony Martin, English perpetrator of 1999 murder of a burglar in his home
Clay Marzo, American professional surfer
Lindsay Mason, Northern Irish politician
Darius McCollum, American perpetrator of crimes related to trains and the New York City Subway system
Jason McElwain, American high-school basketball player
Gary McKinnon, Scottish computer hacker who accessed high-security government sites[47]
Travis Meeks, American lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for acoustic rock band Days of the New
Dean Mellberg, American perpetrator of the 1994 Fairchild Air Force Base shootings
Thristan Mendoza, Filipino autistic savant and marimba prodigy
Lionel Messi, Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Barcelona and the Argentina national team
Kim Miller, American artist who was diagnosed with “classic” autism
Jonathan Mitchell, American blogger and author who advocates for a cure for autism
Caiseal Mór, Australian author, musician, and artist
Haley Moss, American artist and author
Tito Mukhopadhyay, Indian author, poet, and philosopher
Suzanne Muldowney, American performance artist known for her appearances in parades in various cities throughout the year in her elaborate homemade costumes
Robert Napper, English perpetrator of murders and other crimes
Ari Ne'eman, American autism rights activist
David Nelson, American LGBT activist
Jerry Newport, American author and mathematical autistic savant who was the basis of the film Mozart and the Whale
Craig Nicholls, Australian frontman of the alternative-rock band, The Vines
Yuji Nishizawa, Japanese perpetrator of the 1999 hijacking of All Nippon Airways Flight 61
Lisa Nowak, American former naval flight officer and NASA astronaut and perpetrator of the attempted kidnapping of U.S. Air Force Captain Colleen Shipman
John Odgren, American perpetrator of murder
Freddie Odom, American mayor, actor and teacher
Hikari Ōe, Japanese composer
Tim Page, Pulitzer Prize-winning American critic and author
Derek Paravicini, blind English autistic savant and musical prodigy
Kim Peek He was the inspiration for Rain Man and thought to be an autistic savant.
Alex Plank, American autism advocate, filmmaker, actor, and creator of Wrong Planet
Dawn Prince-Hughes, American primate anthropologist, ethologist and author
James Henry Pullen, English carpenter and autistic savant
Nicky Reilly, English perpetrator of the 2008 Exeter attempted bombing
John Elder Robison, American author of Look Me in the Eye
Elliot Rodger, American perpetrator of the 2014 Isla Vista killings
Alis Rowe, English entrepreneur and author who writes about Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sue Rubin, American artist and author
Navinder Singh Sarao, English perpetrator of the 2010 Flash Crash
Ximena Sariñana, Mexican singer-songwriter and actress
Matt Savage, American autistic savant musician
Birger Sellin, first functionally non-verbal German with autism to become a published author
Amy Sequenzia, American, non-speaking Autistic, multiply disabled activist and writer
Tim Sharp, Australian artist most famous for his creation of the colourful super hero Laser Beak Man
Jim Sinclair, American autism-rights activist
Cary Stayner, American perpetrator of the murder of four women between February and July 1999
Sarah Stup, American author, poet, essayist and advocate
Daniel Tammet, English autistic savant, writer and linguist
Hans Van Themsche, Belgian perpetrator of 2006 Antwerp shootings
Raymond Thompson, New Zealand screenwriter, composer and television producer
Gilles Tréhin, French artist, author, creator of the imaginary city of “Urville” and an autistic savant
Penelope Trunk, American businesswoman, author and blogger
Aleksander Vinter (aka Savant), Norwegian musician
Owen Walker, New Zealand perpetrator of cybercrimes causing caused $26 million worth of damage
Richard Wawro, Scottish artist and autistic savant
George Widener, English mathematical autistic savant

Donna Williams, Australian author
Alexis Wineman, Miss Montana 2012 and autism advocate
Stephen Wiltshire, English architectural artist
Jason Zimmerman, (M2K/Mew2King) American professional Super Smash Bros. player

This is a list I found online. I also found a list of people suspected of being on the spectrum, but lived before autism was known or else they were just never diagnosed.
Hugh Blair of Borgue – 18th century Scottish landowner thought mentally incompetent, now studied as case history of autism.
Prince John of the United Kingdom – 20th century British prince famous for his epilepsy and isolation. He exhibited repetitive behavior and is often believed to be autistic and intellectually disabled.]
Stanley Kubrickfilmmaker
Henry Cavendish – 18th century British scientist. He was unusually reclusive, literal minded, had trouble relating to people, had trouble adapting to people, difficulties looking straight at people, drawn to patterns, etc.
Charles XII of Sweden – speculated to have had Asperger syndrome
Jeffrey Dahmerserial killer
Anne Claudine d'Arpajon, comtesse de Noailles – French governess, lady of honor, tutor
Emily Dickinson – poet
Paul Dirac – quantum physicist
Glenn Gould – Canadian pianist and noted Bach interpreter. He liked routine to the point he used the same seat until it was worn through. He also disliked social functions to the point that in later life he relied on the telephone or letters for virtually all communication. He had an aversion to being touched, had a different sense of hot or cold than most, and would rock back and forth while playing music. He is speculated to have had Asperger syndrome.
Adolf Hitler – Austrian born, Nazi German politician, chancellor and dictator
Thomas JeffersonPresident of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence
James Joyce – author of Ulysses
Bohuslav Martinů – Czech-American composer (1890 -1959)
William McGonagall - poet, notoriously bad yet he never understood that others mocked him
MichelangeloItalian Renaissance artist, based on his inability to form long-term attachments and certain other characteristics
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – composer
Charles Richterseismologist, creator of the eponymous scale of earthquake magnitude 
William James Sidis
Alan Turing – pioneer of computer sciences. He seemed to be a math savant and his lifestyle has many autism traits about it.
Michael Ventris – English architect who deciphered Linear B
Blind Tom Wiggins – autistic savant
Ludwig Wittgenstein – Austrian philosopher

 Nikola Tesla

good visualizer, reclusive, obsessive (sometimes worked for two or thee days without sleep), limited sense of humour and lack of empathy.
Isaac Newton
 hardly spoke, had few friends, often so absorbed in his work that he forgot to eat, demonstrating an obsessive single-mindedness that is commonly associated with Asperger's. If nobody attended his lessons, he reportedly gave lectures to an empty room
Albert Einstein
thought to maybe have had high-functioning autism due to educational and language delays ( though he was intellectually gifted),  occasionally perceived lack of tact, social empathy and naivety, visual thinking, being a loner, solitary, suffering from major tantrums, having no friends, disliking crowds, and even the way he dressed
By contrast, the economist Thomas Sowell claims that Einstein actually had a condition that he termed Einstein syndrome and was not autistic. Sowell states that Einstein syndrome includes delayed speech development, intellectual giftedness, and no dramatic impairments in mental functioning during adulthood.[42] Dr. Stephen Camarata, a professor at Vanderbilt School of Medicine, said that if Einstein was diagnosed as autistic, it would be misidentifying him despite his late talking.[43] Additionally, Walter Isaacson, in a book about Einstein, has doubted the validity of an autism diagnosis for Einstein, writing that "Einstein made close friends, had passionate relationships, enjoyed collegial discussions, communicated well verbally, and could empathize with friends and humanity in general."[44]

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