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Chili Bowl

Hey folks! The Chili Bowl just finished (when I started this post) and I decided it was blog-worthy. Some NASCAR drivers were in it. The races were held over 4 days and were A-N features. The laps in each feature increased from 10 to 55 as the letters descended. N-Efeatures had 10 laps, D and C had 15 laps,  B had 20 laps and A had 55 laps.

The N features were first. N feature 1 had 10 drivers. Mark Chisholm won, followed by Kurt Blackaby, Philip Dietz, pole-sitter Brad Kraus and Dustin Golobic. Rounding out the field were Morgan Firewaldt, Logan Arnold, Kory Shudy, Aaron Reutzel and Brett Thomas. Arnold, Shudy, Reutzel and Thomas all DNF'd. N feature 2 had eight drivers. J. D. Black won, followed by Sean Murphy,  pole-sitter Cory Mallo, Ariel Biggs and Nick O'Neal. Rounding out the field were Mitchell Gladman, Richard Harvey, Jr. and, the only one of the field to get a DNF , A. J Johnson.

The M features came after this. M feature 1 had 16 drivers entered, but Chris Stochholm and Kurt Blackaby did not start.  Travis Young won, followed by Justin Henderson, Mark Chislom, Pat Shudy and Robert Bell. Rounding out the top-10 were Mindy McCord, A. J. Bruns, Kip Hughes, Brad Kraus and Larry Bratti. Pole-sitter Michael Sosebee was 11th. No one got a DNF.  M feature 2 had 15 drivers entered by Jack Hawley and Shane Sellers did not start. Apparently the pole-sitter was one of these because my source didn't specify the pole-sitter of this race. Chris Sheil won, followed by Colby Estes, Dustin Weland, J. D. Black and Tim Kent. Rounding out the top-10 were Ariel Biggs, Cory Mallo, Frankie Guerrini, Shaun Shapel and Dakota Gaines. No one got a DNF.

The L features followed the M. L feature 1 had 15 drivers entered, but John Heydenreich, Jared Sewell and Nat Wait did not start. The pole-sitter was one of these because this race, too, has an unspecified pole-sitter This race has Isaac Shreurs won, followed by Danny Smith, Garrett Aitken, Scott Evans and Justin Henderson. Rounding out the top-10 were David McIntosh, Dex Eaton, Travis Young, David Jones and the highest placed  DNF, Eric Sanders. Matt Rossi and Pat Schudy were the other DNF's. L feature 2 had 16 drivers. Mitchell Faccinto,  pole-sitter Noah Harris, Chase Jones, Chris Sheil and Brent Rees.  Rounding out the top-10 were Tyler Shoemaker, Ryan Secrest, Colby Estes, Brian Peterson and Dustin Weland.  George White was the only DNF.

The K features were next. K feature 1 had 16 drivers. Ashley Hazelton won, followed by Jarid Blondel, Harlan Hulsey, Chuck McGillivray and Garrett Aitkin. Rounding out the top-10 were Chad Fredwaldt, Kathlynn Leer, Isaac Schreurs, Matt Johnson and Mitchell Fredwaldt. David Stephenson, Scott Evans, Danny Smith, Josh Tyre, pole-sitter Sean Dodenhoff and Waide Seiler were the DNF's.  K feature 2 had 16 drivers.  Pole-sitter Marcus Thomas won, followed by Ty Hulsey, Noah Harris, Jeremy Hefler and Mitchell Faccinto. Rounding out the top-10 were Chris Sheil, Troy Betts. Joe Rinne, Chase Jones and Steve Daniels. Jeremy McCune, Dave Camfield, Jr., Chris Windom and Matt Gilbert were the DNF's.

The J features came next. J feature 1 had 16 drivers. Randi Pankratz won, followed by Travis Scott, pole-sitter Steve Schaberg, Zach Merritt and David Camfield, Jr. Rounding out the top-10 were Donovan Peterson, Harlan Hulsey, Chuck McGillivray, Ashley Hazelton and the highest placed DNF, Shannon McQueen. Jarid Blondel, Taylor Forbes, Kenny Johnson, Taylor Simas, Mason Keefer and Jeff Crook. J feature 2 had 16 drivers. Evan Pardo won, followed by Casey Shuman, pole-sitter Terry Nichols, Tyler Sevay and Doug McCune. Rounding out the top-10 were Rick Shuman, Jeromy Hefler, Shane Weeks, Andee Beierle and John Klaubunde. Noah Harris, J. J. Ercse, Riley Adair, Joe Janowski and Marcus Thomas were the DNF's.

The I features followed. I feature 1 had 16 drivers. Evan Sewell won, followed by Kyle O'Gara, Glen Sykes, Billy Lawhead and pole-sitter Aaron Farney. Rounding out the top-10 were Sarah Fisher, Tony Rossi, Chase Hill, David Ferguson and Travis Scott. Randi Pankratz and Tim Barber were the DNF's I feature 2 had 16 drivers. Riley Kresiel won, followed by Casey Shuman, Billy Wease, Landon Simon and Colton Cottle. Rounding out the top-10 were Chris Dyson, Jerry Hammock, Tyler Seavey, Evan Pardo and Zach Blurton.  Pole-sitter Danny Burke was 13th.  Zac Taylor and Eric Heydenreich were the DNF's.

The H features came after these. H feature 1 had 16 drivers. Shawn Jackson won, followed by Michelle Decker, JJ Yeley, Ryan Hall and pole-sitter Tommy White. Rounding out the top-10 were Mark Lowery, Rik Forbes, Justin Dickerson, Glen Styres and Zach Hampton. No one DNF'd in this one. H feature 2 had 15 drivers.  John Hunt won, followed by pole-sitter Corey Elliott, Derek Hager, Kyle Jones and Danny Smith. Rounding out the top-10 were Wyatt Burks, Jeb Sessums, T. J. Smith, Austin Archdale and C. J. Johnson. Casey Shuman was the only DNF.

The G features followed. G feature 1 had 16 drivers. Chris Urish won, followed by pole-sitter Derrick Myers, Harley Hollan, Chance Morton and Tyler Nelson. Rounding out the top-10 were JJ Yeley, Bill Rose, Austin Prock, Kevin Chaffee and Micheal Koontz.  Shawn Jackson and Chris "Critter" Malone were the DNF's. G feature 2 had 16 drivers.  Dean Drake, Jr. won, followed by Michael Faccinto, Jake Buback, Travis Berryhill and Keith Rauch. Rounding out the top-10 were Darin Snyder, Corey Elliott, Mason Zeigler, Derek Hagar and pole-sitter Gavin Harlien. Jeff Stassa. RoberT Dalby and David Gough were the DNF's.

The F features were next. F feature 1 had 14 drivers. Jake Neuman won, followed by pole-sitter Shon Deskins, Davy Ray, Danny Jennings and Tom Harris. Rounding out the top-10 were Brad Loyet, Logan Scherb, Sean Watts, Chance Morton and Harley Hollan. Chad Wheeler was the only one to DNF. F feature 2 had 15 drivers. Pole-sitter Kevin Ramey won, followed by Logan Jarrett, Travis Berryhill, Jimmy Light and Jake Bubak.  Rounding out the top-10 were Michael Faccinto, Nick Drake, Johnny Brown, Corey Eliason and Raven Culp. Cody Ledger, Cody Brewer, Hunter Fischer, Brian Shirley and Dean Drake, Jr. were the DNF's.
The E features came next. E feature 1 had 16 drivers.  Pole-sitter Tyler Edwards won, followed by Dustin Morgan, Chris Andrews, Matt Streeter and Jack Neuman. Rounding out the top-10 were Davey Ray, Robert Sellers, Ryan Jamison, Tony Roney and Danny Jennings. Nobody DNF'd in this one. E feature 2 had 14 drivers. Trey Marcham won followed by pole-sitter Shane Stewart, Bill Balog, Jimmy Light and Johnny Herrera.  Rounding out the top-10 were Brian McClelland, Travis Berryhill, Robert Ballou, Logan Jarrett and Tim Crawley.  Anton Hernandez and Chett Gehrke were the DNF's.
The D features followed. D feature 1 had 17 drivers. Nick Knepper won, followed by Jason McDougal, Jake Blackhurst, David Budres and Matt Streeter.  Rounding out the top-10 were Colby Copeland, Wesley Smith, Dustin Morgan, Clinton Boyles and  pole-sitter Tim Siener. Darren Hagen, Larry Wight, Scott Weir, Gage Walker, Tyler Walker and Paul White were the DNF's. D feature 2 had 19 drivers. Kevin Swindell's relief driver won, followed by Tyler Courtney, pole-sitter Justin Allgaier, Sheldon Haudenschild and Kyle Shuett. Rounding out the top-10 were Tyler Brehm, Jimmy Light, Trey Marcham, Shane Stewart and Bill Balog.   Seth Bergman, Kyle Clark, D.J. Netto, Kevin Bayer and Sam Hafertepe, Jr. were the DNF's.
The C features came next. C feature 1 had 20 drivers. Pole-sitter Cory Kruseman won, followed by Brady Bacon, Matt Westfall, Steve Buckwalter and Spencer Bayston.  Rounding out the top-10 wereTucker Klaasmeyer, Tanner Berryhill, Josh Lakatos, Jason McDougal and Gary Taylor.   Danny Sheridan, Jake Blackhurst, David Budres and Nick Knepper.  C feature 2 had 20 drivers.  Tony Bruce, Jr. won, followed by Kevin Thomas, Jr., Ronnie Gardner, Daniel Adler and pole-sitter Andrew Deal. Rounding out the top-10 were Daniel Robinson, Kyle Shuett, Anthony Nocella, Tyler Courtney and Danny Stratton.  Dave Darland, Alex DeCamp, Justin Allgaier, Nick Wean, Danny Fara, Jr. and Jimmy Light.
The B features came after these. B feature 1 had 20 drivers. Tracy Hines won, followed by pole-sitter Daryn Pitman, Damien Gardner, Blake Hahn and Dillon Welch. Rounding out the top-10 were Joe B. Miller, Spencer Bayston, Austin Brown, Andrew Felker and Brady Bacon. Brendan Bright, Chad Boat, Hunter Schuerenberg and Chad Boespflug were the DNF's. B feature 2 had 20 drivers. Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. won, followed by Tanner Thorson,  pole-sitter C.J. Leary, Shane Goblic and Kyle Larson. Rounding out the top-10 were  Justin Grant, Jake Swanson, Ronnie Gardner, Jac Haudenschild and R.J. Johnson.  Parker Price-Miller, Matt Sherrel, Harli White and Daniel Adler were the DNF's

The A feature followed. A feature 1 had 25 drivers. Rico Abreu won, followed by pole-sitter Bryan Clausen,  Zach Daum, Jerry Coons, Jr. and Kyle Larson. Rounding out the top-10 were Tim McCreadie, Tyler Thomas, Thomas Meseraull, Tanner Thorson and Joey Saldana.  Shane Cottle, Justin Grant, Daryn Pitman and C.J. Leary were the DNF's.
Come back for my take on the NASCAR media tour.

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