Saturday, January 16, 2016

Non-NASCAR Racing I've Followed

My coverage of non-NASCAR races has been limited, so I decided to post a list of the non-NASCAR series I've watched.

Off-road racing
There was an ARCA race I watched online after it happened, but only because I wasn't home when it was on. I was actually out of town that weekend. If I had been able to follow it real-time, I would have because my favorite NASCAR driver was in it.
I only follow race series I'm able to watch on TV, as a rule. However, I will make exceptions (like that ARCA race I mentioned) under certain conditions. Come back soon for my Chili Bowl recap.


  1. Maybe I've asked you this before, but what is off-road racing like?

    1. It's trucks racing on dirt, basically. I mentioned it last winter after I watched a tape of one on CBS.