Sunday, January 31, 2016

NASCAR Preseason Media Tour

NASCAR had a preseason media tour and revealed some changes for the season.

The minor leagues (Trucks and Xfinity) will see changes. The Chase system the Cup has used will there in a modified form. The minor leagues don't have as many races of drivers per race as the Cup, so they had to tweak it some to be fair, probably. The Xfinity Chase will have 12 drivers with four eliminated every 3 races and the Trucks Chase will have 8 drivers with 2 eliminated every three races. Four will be left at Homestead, same as Cup. The Trucks will have a caution clock. Every 20 minutes, there will be  a caution.

The Cup has announced some rules for this year, too.The low downforce package used at Kentucky and Darlington last year will be the Cup package this year. The Chase rounds will be Round of 16, Round of 12, Round of 8 and the Championship, instead of the first three rounds called Challenger, Contender and Eliminator Rounds.
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